Jennifer Lopez Featuring Jadakiss & Styles - Jenny From The Block

12 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Back to when J Lo was on top! Jenny From The Block is definitely her signature song. Another song and music video that hits back at the paparazzi and how they can change a star, especially since celebrities can't do normal things because photographers are following them everywhere. Many artists have done songs and videos in reference to this, so I'm not surprised that J Lo has done one too. Jennifer Lopez gives us an insight into her life, showing she has no privacy. No matter what she'll always be Jenny From The Block.

Jennifer Lopez was at the height of her career at this point, hitting track after hit track. She still hasn't released a Greatest Hits album, although she definitely needs one as there are many amazing singles in her collection. Although this song only got to number three, here in the UK, it's still recognised as one of her biggest singles, purely because no one else can cover the song unless they themselves are also called Jenny. The song samples many other songs which are "Heaven And Hell Is On Earth" by 20th Century Steel Band, "South Bronx" by Boogie Down Production as well as "Hi-Jack" by Jose Fernando Arbex Miro, this caused controversy because The Beatnuts also used "Hi-Jack" on their song "Watch Out Now" and they believe their sample of "Hi-Jack" was used. They received royalties for this song. This is why there is a lot of song writers, who are: Jennifer Lopez, Troy Oliver, Mr. Deyo, Samuel Barnes, Jean Claude Olivier, Jose Fernando Arbex Miro, Lawrence Parker, Scott Sterling, Michael Oliver, David Styles and Jason Phillips. The latter two are the rappers who are featured on the track, they are mostly known from the band The LOX.

The video was directed by Francis Lawrence. It has Ben Affleck as the love interest, who was Jennifer Lopez's fiancé at the time. They were known by media as Bennifer, and they broke off their engagement citing the media interest as the main reason.

This entire video shows that they didn't have any privacy in their relationship, no matter what they did, the media knew what they were doing. This has been the case with lots of stars and they hit out through music and the videos, just look at Britney Spears' "Piece of Me", "Everytime" and "I Wanna Go".

The performance side to the video, works perfectly, Jennifer Lopez definitely knows how to perform, which goes without saying, she would be amazing to see live.

Overall an impactful music video that covers something that will always be an issue. It accompanies the song well, but it doesn't stand out, we've seen J Lo with much better videos. A signature song, with a signature scene and a common theme, that we've seen a lot of already.
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