P!nk - Just Like Fire

10 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

P!nk is back with a whole new track that I have fallen in love with. I used to be a massive P!nk fan, but after her most recent album, I went totally off her. Personally, I believe she went down the wrong path and released an album that wasn't her at all. However artists are meant to grow and learn from their mistakes, even if that album and it's corresponding singles did well globally. Now she's recorded a song for the new film 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' and I can't wait to see what path it takes her down, hopefully it's not a rabbit hole. P!nk inspires her inner Alice and the Mad Hatter in this music video for the feature film. Just Like Fire is a perfect representation of the film and the song.

P!nk, real name Alecia Moore, most recently became a part of a duo called You + Me with Dallas Green, who is known under the stage name City and Colour as well as one of the members of rock band Alexisonfire. Now she's back releasing her own music, has her style changed with her new songs once again? Will she make me a fan of her music again? Well, if her new music is anything like this then I might just reinvest in her albums! Just Like Fire was written by Alecia Moore, Max Martin, Karl Johan Schuster (Shellback) and Oscar Holter.

Directed by Dave Meyers, the music video takes place in P!nk's home, where's she's just hanging around whilst keeping an eye on her child, Willow Sage Hart. Her husband, Carey Hart, comes in to ask if she's going to hang around all day. To which P!nk clearly ignores that and continues to silk dance.

P!nk's daughter, Willow, takes an active role in this, she follows the blue butterfly through the mirror, and just like a great parent P!nk follows her through into the mystical world of Wonderland.

She walks into a chess like game where P!nk clones are the actual chess pieces, the game is confusing, but what part of Wonderland isn't confusing? P!nk looks amazing in this visual shot, perfect costume and amazing hair, as always. A slightly freaky scene that must've taken forever to make and edit.

Naturally the mad hatters tea party makes an appearance. She could pull off being his wife so easily. Then she falls but stops mid-air whilst Time keeps an eye on her. He goes and talks to Willow, which makes P!nk fight to be let down, a mother's instinct. Intricate images and clips are used next, from both the film and from P!nk being sent to a mad house.

A great ending, with a magical middle and a brilliant opening. P!nk shines throughout, showing off her performance skills and on-stage presence. An amazing song and music video for Alice Through The Looking Glass. We all had hoped for an Avril Lavigne follow-up to "Alice", but this does it justice! A perfect, faultless music video.
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