Switzerland Entry: Rykka - The Last Of Our Kind

May 14, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Have I just watched some Sia promotional video? This certainly isn't anything professionally official, and yet is is classed as the official music video for the Switzerland Entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, which came 18th in the second semi-final with only 28 points. Actually a really nice song, but the performance totally let itself down. Rykka performs side-on during this emotional song that is not portrayed visually at all, but is definitely better performed than her Eurovision performance, although visually it isn't.

Kicking off my Eurovision 2016 Special is Rykka, real name Christina Rieder. She comes from Canada, and originally released acoustic folk music under her real name, She soon developed a taste for pop music and Rykka was born. She is on a new path now and although she failed at Eurovision, it may not be the last time we see her, clearly she's a trier, and triers always come on top, eventually. The song is about standing for love at the end of the world. It was written by Christina Maria Rieder, Mike James, Jeff Dawson and Warne Livesey.

This music video is completely bland. Rykka stands out purely because there is nothing else in the video, just black space.

Rykka is put on a spotlight, but there's nothing to watch because she isn't even looking at the camera, and as for performance vibes, they are aimed the wrong way.

There is just nothing to this, nothing for me to comment on, and I am pretty sure Rykka is a much better performer than she is in this music video. She showcased that during the Semi-Finals, apart from her awkward knee-bending that made no sense whatsoever. However, great song that would've done well if not for the performance of the song.
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