New Release: Ady Suleiman - Running Away

June 10, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

With much hype behind him Ady Suleiman doesn't look like your conventional pop star. I had very little expectations when I clicked play on this music video. Not many artists manage to shock me, but Ady Suleiman did just that, an old soul vocalist in a young body, this reggae tune is explosive with this vocalist, the summer hit you'll be hearing everywhere this year. Catchy, emotional and your tune for the summer, Ady Suleiman is the new guy on the scene. Bringing the summer sunshine from Langa, Cape Town, South Africa, in this lovely community spirited music video for Running Away.

Having been trying to set off in the music world, Ady Suleiman has dropped two EPs that have had DJs talking about him, he has now launched this summer tune that is sure to rise on the charts in the coming weeks as radio picks it up. Combining reggae with hip-hop. this guy is on to a winner, no one is doing this in the music industry, and there is a total market for him. His sound is new and perfect for the summer, but the big question is whether he'll be able to carry it on through to winter and the following years.

Directed by Calmatic and Director X, we are taken to the streets of Langa in Cape Town. Ady Suleiman does his best to fit in with this crowd, but his bold colours flare him out, not only failing to fit in with this crowd, but with any other crowd. He's a try hard when it comes to fashion, and from this video alone he'd rather be comfortable than stylish. Each to their own.

This community spirited video is full of happy people, all clearly happy to be in this video, loving life. They don't take things for granted, and that is a blessing.

What it relates to, I do not know, apart from some scenes where people are running. The song is about tackling things head on, and not running away from life. I guess that's what Ady Suleiman has done, gone after what he wanted, took every good opportunity thrown his way, and now look at him... A hit song with a perfect sound, that no other guy is doing in the music industry. This song will be a climber on the chart.

Overall, a fun-loving video, community spirited that definitely is a pick-me-up. However there's nothing going on, it could've related better and Ady Suleiman's fashion sense is a definite no-no, but I guess I've seen worse. Happy and grateful for life, this video works, but fails to stand out.
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