New Release: JoJo Featuring Wiz Khalifa - F*ck Apologies.

29 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is my new banger and I am so glad that it has a music video for me to review too. It is a timeless anthem that will definitely be something I'd constantly listen to even if I am actually sorry for something I've done. This marks the return of JoJo, especially with her new album on the way, which will be called Mad Love, and will include this song as it is the first single from the said album. JoJo performs with her natural flair, she isn't apologising for no reason and especially when she doesn't mean it.

JoJo, real name Joanna Levesque, has been finally making her comeback in the music industry, after a legal battle with her now previous record label. Finally out of her contract, she signed a new one and has been releasing new music since last year, including the incredible tringle of singles "When Love Hurts", "Say Love" and "Save My Soul". She's back and it's looks like it's going to be a solid return! Featured star is Wiz Khalifa, real name Cameron Thomaz, has dipped in and out of hits, most notable for number one single "See You Again", he will always be a prominent rapper. This song was written by Joanna Levesque, Taylor Parks and Cameron Thomaz.

Directed by Francesco Carrozzini, this music video is a pure performance visual with snapshots of extras who have nothing to apologise for, although society might think otherwise.

It easily relates to the song, removing shade and highlighting pride. Everyone is different in their own ways and they have nothing to apologise for, being different is not wrong whatsoever.

JoJo really takes a stance on this overall, working with the video and even getting into a pool naked. To do so is completely brave, and yet she has nothing to apologise for. She does what she wants now, especially after being released from her previous contract. She has freedom, and her fans are following her more than ever, helping to promote her any way we can.

As for Wiz Khalifa, he's rap shines in the song, and the visual does the exact same thing. Smoky and hazy, he puts on a performance that stuns, he means every word of that rap just like JoJo means every word of the song. This is why he will always have a career.

Overall, it's a great performance piece from JoJo, which is totally nothing new from her. As for the side clips, it's freeing to see so many people not caring and not apologising for who they are and what they do. Everyone should have the freedom to be themselves, to be able to show themselves to the world without hatred, without criticism and without apologies.
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