Britney Spears Featuring G-Eazy - Make Me...

07 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

There is a lot of controversy around this music video. Mainly because the original music video got completely scrapped, you know the one filmed by David LaChapelle, and has been teased for months? Well now we have a video quite different than what was teased, and one that many aren't exactly happy with, but only because we know we're missing out on the original. If we had never known about it, then this would be a perfectly normal Britney Spears music video, that no one had a problem with. Britney Spears and her girls audition male actors, where she chooses one guy to take back to her bedroom, he will definitely Make Me Ooh!

Britney Spears is about to make a career comeback, or so we all thought. But she's lost so many potential pre-orders because of the public controversy over this music video. This song isn't the next "Work Bitch", it's not the next "Womanizer" and it's quite a simple and relaxed single that none of us really expected and doesn't defy the music industry the way we had been promised. Clearly too much hype surrounded this release, and 'Glory', her ninth studio album, might just be one of the worst releases in quite some time. Britney Spears has got to pull it all back, release something to make us go ooh! Something that puts her back on the top once again, Yet it looks completely unlikely that will happen. This song features G-Eazy, real name Gerald Gillum, who is getting around a lot, he is definitely the rapper to watch who is featuring in a lot of songs and is batting out chart hits. This is the first song, he's been in, that I really like his contribution because it goes with the beat of the track. This song was written by Britney Spears, Matthew Burns, Joe Janiak and Gerald Gillum.

Directed by Randee St. Nicholas, this video was planned to be totally different, with a different director. The David LaChapelle version will go unreleased for the foreseeable future, but some clips from the original has been kept.

Britney Spears and her girls starts off this music video, asking a 'Michael' to come along on Saturday and to bring some friends, only Michael never appears again in the video. The cackle of the girls is quite scary and unnatural and Britney Spears looks completely lost and not into it whatsoever.

We zoom forward to Saturday, and we watch them interview guys, most of which take off their shirts to let us marvel at their rippling gorgeous bodies, the winner gets to spend time with Britney Spears in bed.

Relatable and definitely sexy, this video is totally engaging as you try to work out who will win. However Britney Spears doesn't look that into it, a solo dance sequence which includes repeated steps and quite a lack-lustre performance, Britney Spears is totally missing her back-up dancers.

G-Eazy's scene is completely edited from the original video, which would've shown him having sex whilst singing his lyrics, hence the unbuttoning of his shirt. Although his verse is fire, his scene is totally out of place and unnecessary.

Overall, this video fails continuity, it fails to show variety, and we're back with Britney Spears looking a little on the lost side. This music video is easily forgettable amongst her famous releases, and she has got to do something soon to make us all want to buy her new album. She has yet to get a UK number one album, and 'Glory' doesn't look set to make it to the top of the UK charts.
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