Beenie Man Featuring Fambo - I'm Okay/Drinking Rum & Redbull

25 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Still reeling from the party last night, this song was stuck in my head when I woke up this morning, and I had to review the music video. This is another dancefloor filler, that you can't help but sing-a-long to. It's undeniably catchy. I never knew who it was by until I looked it up, and I'm surprised this is another song that hasn't made an impact on the charts worldwide and is yet the song we hope to hear in a club. Beenie Man and Fambo are living it up in a club, clearly drinking rum and Redbull amongst other drinks in the video, and they're totally okay.

Beenie Man, real name Anthony Davis, is a Grammy-award winning Jamaican reggae singer. He is mostly known for his 2004 hit "Dude" that features Ms. Thing and Shawnna, which hit number seven in the UK. Yet, it's this song we want to hear on the dancefloor. At just ten years old, he released his first studio album back in 1983; he has gone on to release 19 more albums and has totally proven himself as a recording artist. This song is the first in a string of singles that aren't part of an album; it was released in 2010. Featured on the track is Fambo, real name Warren Williams, who is mostly known for this hit. He has been in and out of the music industry for a while but has definitely built his career for himself.

Directed by Janelle Dyer, the video is low quality and quite old-fashioned, and yet it's viewable.

The speech bubbles are a total distraction, they don't last long enough on the screen, so it's difficult to read them in time. They don't blend enough with the visual and are totally out of place. Although it may have seemed good on paper, it doesn't work at all and cheapens the whole video.

There's not much else to comment on. There's an amazing dance scene where dancers show off their skills in a circle of bystanders. More focus on this would've been great; instead, the video flits between the club and Beenie Man's performance piece.

The performance piece is filled with energetic vibes, but there's just not enough substance to his performance. He's very relaxed, he's totally made a name for himself and he knows he has. Arrogance comes from him easily but he works it well as he sings the song.

Overall, the video is nowhere near as great as the song is. It's not on the same level at all. It's dodgy, low quality and totally uninteresting. Beenie Man and Fambo do their best to draw the attention back to the video, but their performance pieces aren't enough to keep us engaged.
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