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September 04, 2016 Critic Jonni 1 Comments

After a random tweet suggestion asking me to watch this music video; it's time for Bronnie to be a part of my blog. Inspiring musician, Bronnie is ready to bring back the pop/rock music we all fell in love with a decade or so ago. Unsigned and going after her dreams, Bronnie is fighting for what she wants, and totally inspiring a lot of people. With a massive fan base on Twitter, it's only a matter of time before Bronnie makes it big. Bronnie rocks on this "High School Sucks" track, showing scenes of her recording session at Edge Recording Studio as well as scenes from famous films to relate to the lyrics.

Bronnie, full name Bronnie Hughes, is an 18-year-old singer who is currently unsigned. She has currently over 300,000 views on her YouTube Channel. A total of two releases on iTunes, one of which is a Christmas song. She takes inspiration from 00's pop/rock music from Avril Lavigne to Busted to Bowling For Soup. She won the Ryan Seacrest Cover Song Contest, and has been in musical theatre since she was seven. This girl is focused and driven, and is definitely someone to keep your eye on. Requesting the help of Josh Bentley, Patrick Doyle, and Tom Atkinson of the band Liberty Calling, Bronnie recorded this song at Edge Recording Studio, where many famous acts before her have recorded songs and albums. She announced in a behind the scenes video clip, that she wrote the song in February 2015.

The video is less high school and more recording studio, although high school clips from famous films are shown throughout, which nicely links in with the lyrics.

Great visual editing throughout, it really shows Bronnie as this up-and-coming star. It introduces her as a singer-songwriter, showing what she's been up to with this song.

Various clips from American Pie are intercut with a perfect visual of Bronnie. Relating in perfect timing to the lyrics, especially the ode to Sum 41.

As for the performance scenes, Bronnie is on form, you can tell how much she loves this song, and what it means to her. Full of life, in the video, her bubbly charm can be seen throughout and even in the BTS videos. She's a positive person and so genuine, which she easily outputs in the video. If she replicates that on stage, which she no doubt does, then anyone who goes to see her live will be in for a treat.

This is Bronnie, and we all better watch out for her. This video shows her time at Edge Recording Studio, as well as her upbeat positive vibe and performance presence. This is who she is, prepared to bring back the pop/rock genre we all loved a decade ago. Making it current and making it new, Bronnie is ready, are you?
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  1. Bronnie ROCKS ���� everyone should go listen to High School Sucks