Inna Featuring Yandel - In Your Eyes

November 29, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Another Inna music video I haven't reviewed and what better time to review it when I'm going to see her in Dublin, Ireland in a few days time. I literally can't believe it's this close. This was one of my favourite songs from her third album, and I used it as my ringtone on my phone for a while due to the amazing opening lyric. Inna proves she can dance in this performance-based music video for "In Your Eyes" that is extremely sexy and includes a visual of featured singer Yandel.

Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, is a Romanian female superstar, with a string of massive hits behind her. She's work with some of the biggest stars and has really made a name for herself. This song was the last single release from her third studio album "Party Never Ends". I sure hope she sings it at her Dublin gig in Ireland. The song features Yandel, real name Llandel Veguilla Malavé, who is from Puerto Rica. He has made his own name in Latin music, mostly as being part of a duo named Wisin & Yandel. This song was written by Steve Mac, Ina Wroldsen, and Llandel Veguilla.

Directed by Barna Némethi, this is another music video by Inna that doesn't have a lot to it. The video is another performance-based video, showing off her performance vibes. This definitely gets me excited to see her on Saturday, not going to lie; although not so keen on what she's wearing.

It's clear the team behind this music video went for sex appeal, in the hope that it will attract many male and the few female watchers to the video; especially since her top - do we even call it a top? It's just a piece of material wrapped around her - keeps moving. She almost falls out plenty of times. Yet, sex does sell and with a body like Inna's we can't really blame them.

The scenes give a chance to have a choreographed dance scene, but it's clear they never brought anyone in to do a segment, and so they look like unrehearsed dancers, who are freestyling and grooving to the song. Inna fully shows she can dance, which is something different for her, although if she were thrown a full choreography segment, it would have worked better.

As for Yandel, he comes off well, although his scene is intercut with scenes of Inna since she would appeal more to the audience viewing the video. As a whole, this could've looked a lot more professional, instead it just looks a little lost. There should've been a dance scene, but Inna still shows off her performance ability effortlessly.
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