New Release: Johnny Robinson - Deliver Me

November 04, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Okay, so this was someone I didn't like on The X Factor, a joke act on the show, so to speak. Now he's this glorified drag queen, and I like him a little more. I kind of wish he had entered The X Factor as Sarah Lee, as I would've supported him all the way through The X Factor. However, is this just an attention-seeking alter-ego, especially when we have credible artists who are drag queens like RuPaul and Conchita Wurst. If he had released this song as Sarah Lee, and encouraged people to call him by that name when he's in drag, then fair enough, but personally, to me, this is an exposure ploy. Johnny Robinson, dressed as Sarah Lee, performs in this music video for "Deliver Me" whilst a guy plays the violin.

Johnny Robinson was a contestant during the eighth series of The X Factor. He came eighth overall. Various other artists from that year have gone on to have successful careers, whether that's in music, on the stage or in other ways. Regardless of what people said, the eighth series managed to create some artists that are highly talked about to this day. Johnny Robinson has previously released music, most notably a Christmas song in 2012. Now, as Sarah Lee but known as Johnny Robinson even when he's dressed in drag, he has released this single. It was written by Jon Marsh and Helena Marsh.

The music video is extremely basic, but I have to give kudos for Johnny Robinson; he looks stunning as Sarah Lee. It really shows what makeup and a wig can do! Sarah Lee looks fire!

It is mainly a performance piece, the thing is Sarah Lee isn't performing that well, Johny Robinson did much better on The X Factor stage, but in this music video, he seems more concerned about looking good for the camera rather than trying to give a good performance.

I don't quite understand the violin player, perhaps he's the love interest that Sarah Lee is singing to, but it just fails to flow.

At the end of the day, I think Johnny Robinson should continue to release music as Sarah Lee. I'm sure he would have a more successful career as a drag artist. However, they should release the music under Sarah Lee, rather than confusing the world by putting his actual name on the track.
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