George Michael - December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas)

December 25, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's so sad to have heard that George Michael has passed away, on Christmas Day too! Unfortunately, I have already reviewed Wham!'s "Last Christmas", where George Michael was one-half of the duo, in my Christmas Special 2012. So I googled to see if he had released another Christmas song to finish off my Christmas Special 2016, and this one came up. It's a great vocal from George Michael, and it's sad to hear that this legend of a voice has gone from this world. He was also a brilliant gay idol and LGBT activist. This is the second George Michael animation music video; "December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas)" easily represents the festive date as well as love and lights from a child's perspective.

George Michael, real name Georgios Panayiotou, is one of the biggest male artists in the world. Not only has he had his singles and albums in his duo Wham! but he also did amazingly solo and quickly became a legend. So many people know his songs that it's difficult just to think of one favourite from him. This song was another Christmas song he released recently, then he later performed it on The X Factor. The song was planned for the Spice Girls, but personally, I believe, it sounds so much better from George Michael himself. It charted at number 14 in the UK, but shops sold out of the physical CD so it could've charted higher if they had stocked up more. "December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas)" was written by George Michael and David Austin.

As previously mentioned, the music video is George Michael's second animated music video, after "Shoot The Dog". It depicts George Michael as a child, who walks through a TV.

It describes a child's representation of Christmas, all wrapped up in quite a sad and lonely way. Since there is only a mother in the whole video, maybe he is thinking of his dad? Who knows?

Inside the TV, we watch him have a snowball fight with a panda, and ride some light bulbs that have wheels on. All the while, his mouse or hamster follows him with every step; mainly in a comedic way.

Towards the end, the child falls from a great height, but luckily he wakes up in his bed; there are presents under the tree, and his mother gives him a cuddle. It's quite dreary, and sad, although the reason why isn't clear. However, it's still quite adorable.
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