Lyon Hart - Falling For You

13 December Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Well, YouTube sure knows how to draw me in, by showing this amongst my recommended videos. This thumbnail is totally what drew me into watching this music video today, and I am now a fan of the song, it is right up my street - in more ways than one - and YouTube Recommendations has got it right once again! Lyon Hart's music video for "Falling For You" is a sensual sexy love/hate relationship between dancers Lonnie Poupard, Jr. and Kile Hotchkiss, who are spiralling out of control.

Lyon Hart, real name Mark Sanderlin, is a singer/songwriter who debuted his EP, "With Or Without Me", last year. He has written for some of the best and some of the well-known, as well as featured on tracks you probably know but haven't connected his name to. He is reaching out, taking opportunities as they come; which is totally admirable. Music is difficult to get into, yet this is just the start for 'Lyon (like neon) Hart (like Melissa Joan)' as it states on his Facebook Page. Now he has a big important music video, that could've been susceptible to a lot of abuse; instead, it has gained a lot of admiration from people all over the world. This is the beginning of Lyon Hart, and now he needs to ride this success. This song was written by Robert Grimaldi, Douglas Larsen, Benjamin Lindel, and Mark Sanderlin.

Directed by Matt VanDaniker, the music video shows the relationship between two gay men intercut between a beautiful contemporary dance that was choreographed by the dancers and actors themselves: Lonnie Poupard, Jr. and Kile Hotchkiss.

The editing team behind this has brilliantly transitioned a choreographed danced scene into a loving narrative. At times, it feels too quick and less explanatory. The thing about contemporary dance is that it is supposed to show emotional feeling and tell a story. This does exactly that, only they're giving us the emotional feeling and the storyline within the narrative; which leaves the audience quite transparent as they don't have anything to take in.

Regardless of this, the transitions are crafted brilliantly. The narrative is inviting, sexy, sultry, and totally sensual. It makes me miss having someone there to be sensual with; yet, taking me back to the times that I have been; I know my future husband is out there for me, time will be worth it. For the time being, I can watch Lonnie Poupard, Jr. and Kile Hotchkiss kiss, touch, and love each other.

Showing the ups and down of a relationship. This music video definitely supports the LGBT+ community, and it's amazing to see this up on YouTube and with positive comments. There was no performance piece from Lyon Hart himself, but this music video is amazing, regardless. I hope to see Lonnie Poupard, Jr. and Kile Hotchkiss choreograph more male-male dance sequences. This is beyond beautiful. Please choreograph my wedding dance with my future husband, whoever he may be.
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