Olly Murs - Grow Up

10 December Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Heard this on the radio after Christmas shopping, so thought it would be the perfect excuse to review the video. This is such a sweet music video, yet could've easily been chaotic... Wait! It pretty is chaotic in a relatable way. I'm not so keen on the song, it's too nicey-nice for the lyrical context, and yet the music video does the exact same thing. Watch children take over Olly Murs' music video set in this visual of "Grow Up". Adorable but not engaging.

Olly Murs made his name by coming second in the sixth series of The X Factor. He has done the best from the contestants of that year, although that could be due to being signed to the Syco label and managing to hit out bangers in his early career. Now, he's totally been underperforming, releasing growing songs, much like this one. After hearing it over and over, it easily embeds into my head, which is his signature style of songs, and yet they're never easy hits, and never memorable enough. This is just another to add to the Olly Murs collection. This song was written by Olly Murs, Steve Robson, Camille Purcell, and Wayne Hector.

Directed by Jim Canty, children take over completely and make the video instead. See them reorganising the set, doing his make-up and being fashionistas.

Annoyingly they talk over the song, which doesn't make it that great to view. Not only that but it seems very messy.

This sort of video has been done plenty of times. We've seen people behind cameras and in director chairs often, enough that I can't even list them all because there's been too many. Yet, this is just another one; there's nothing unique or special about this one, apart from it being children, but they're not mischievous enough.

Olly Murs is known for being a cheeky chappy, and therefore, we expect the kids to be just as cheeky. Yet, this just falls flat.

The music video feels totally low budget. It should've been so much bigger, but it's not. The kids should be troublemakers but they're not. There's no doubt that Olly Murs will be a great father one day, but that is not what this song is about.
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