New Release: Sam Feldt - What About The Love

December 23, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have searched high and low for a new release this week as I refuse to promote or even write about Honey G and her single "The Honey G Show". So, instead, I've found this, and I am so grateful as I actually loved hearing this, and the music video is pretty good too. Guess some luck came my way today. So this is another Sam Feldt single, with vocals uncredited by Jasmine Thompson. Watch a guy lose his best friend, Sam Feldt, to fame in this music video for "What About The Love".

Sam Feldt, real name Sammy Renders, is one of the biggest Dutch DJs around at the moment. He hit it off big with his single "Show Me Love" which had vocals from Kimberly Anne; it was a new version of Robin S' classic song "Show Me Love". It did well internationally, pushing him into the limelight; however, his follow-up singles, much like his previous singles, haven't charted quite so well. This song was originally a remix of Hugel's "Where We Belong" which features Jasmine Thompson. This is a new version of that remix, with some lyrics removed due to Jasmine Thompson's management, according to Sam Feldt himself.

This music video starts off with a guy talking, with Japanese and English words on the screen... It says "Everyone lives in this world. But I have my own. My name is Tom Ballon. And I lost my best friend to stardom."

We watch a series of images follow, which then turn into segmented visuals. We watch Sam Feldt and his friend, who we can presume is Tom Ballon, go about Sam Feldt's superstardom.

Tom Ballon, if that's who he is, is completely lonely following in Sam Feldt's shadow. At his concert, at his home, in loads of different countries and cultures. Tom Ballon, I'm going to call him Tom Ballon, even if it isn't him; isn't having the best time. He's on the outside looking in, not enjoying what is right in front of him.

This could be because of how Sam Feldt doesn't quite include him. The song is called "What About The Love" and Sam Feldt is too interested in seeing the world, playing music to his fans, and doing other things; neglecting Tom Ballon.

The ending has Tom Ballon standing in front of Sam Feldt and still being ignored. He kind of needs to liven up once in a while, I'd do anything to travel around the world with someone; he could be a lot worse off, not going to lie. The final scene has Japanese and English words saying: "Now and then eat an apple, or else you will go bald". That pretty much sounds like a threat, and I don't see how that correlates with the music video, but, okay, although I don't like apples.

Overall, this music video relates to the song completely. It's passionate, and I love how it also shows the energy of Sam Feldt concerts, all the while focusing on this Tom Ballon guy. It's entertaining and intricate. Very clever and comedic. It works completely. The song is one I'd totally listen to again!
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