Reepublic Featuring T-Elle - Turn Off The Light

29 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Turn Off the Light (feat. T-Elle) - Reepublic |

Thank you, iTunes, for this random pick. It came from a compilation album on my iTunes and according to my profile, I already love this track, so why not see if there was a music video. That was my thinking, so after a quick YouTube search, here it is appearing on my blog. The video explains the music clearly, following DJs as they go about their lives having fun and playing to a mass group of people in this "Turn Off The Light" music video.

Reepublic were a five-piece DJ group, who have clearly gone their separate ways, since they haven't released anything new since 2013. They consisted of French DJs: Antoine Clamaran, Michael Canitrot, Tristan Garner, Gregori Klosman - known as Klosman, and Sebastien Benett. Now parted ways, they still leave quite the impact in their wake, especially since all three of them songs have had success, none more than this one though, with the others following just behind. This group could've been big, but apart, they have the chance of success and some have already made giant leaps onto those paths.

There isn't an awful lot to this music video, we literally watch the five-piece work and going about their lives.

We watch them travel, we watch them do their thing in creating a track. The dodgems look like great fun, and makes me think of pride all over again. We watch them have fun and relax before gearing up for their gig.

The club is set up and ready to go, it's the sort of place I'd love to go to, to be fair. As DJs they totally unleash the track and have fun up on the stage.

The video doesn't relate entirely to the song, and the featured star doesn't get supported in the visual, and is probably forgotten during the song, although she clearly provided the vocals. There's just not enough here. The song makes me wish summer would come sooner.
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