Rykka - Movies

08 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Let's be honest, I'm obsessed with Eurovision, I just can't help it. This song was played on my iTunes last night, and it's been stuck in my head ever since. I was interested in what the music video would be like for this, so I thought I might as well review it in the process. It's such a catchy neat little song that showcases Rykka perfectly. Let's make love like in the "Movies"; Rykka is sexy and sultry in a knowing attitude amongst the coldness of this music video.

Rykka, real name Christina Rieder, first came to my attention when she represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with "The Last Of Our Kind". Unfortunately, she didn't make the Grand Finals, but her voice resonated with me and I ended up buying the rest of her songs from iTunes. This song is highly catchy and was her previous release before entering the contest. It was written by Christina Maria Rieder, Jeff Dawson, Mike James, Dane Devile, and Warne Livesey.

Directed by Brianne Nord-Stewart, this music video is mainly a performance visual with a slight narrative behind. Rykka and her love interest are shown amongst the coldness, in the lead up to making love like in the movies.

Her performance is on point throughout. Rykka knows how to capture the camera and really shines throughout this music video.

The visual representation is sexy. She has a knowing cheeky smile; it's clear where her thoughts are headed and it easily relates to the song.

Her love interest isn't developed enough and he doesn't take an active role. It's clear she's the decision maker in this relationship.

As a whole, this video is one big tease; much like the song. It's totally relatable and the ending was quite the taunt. Totally inclusive of the audience and utterly theatrical. This would have been a much better choice than "The Last Of Our Kind" at Eurovision 2016. I can't wait to see what the future will bring for Rykka!
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