Shontelle - Impossible

01 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Whilst I was in A&E today, totally suffering and slightly worried an asthma attack would come on, this song was constantly flooding my head. I have no clue why maybe I heard it on the radio before being dropped off at the hospital; who knows? Anyhow, this song first came to my attention when Fifth Harmony sang it on The X Factor (US) at Judges Houses, then James Arthur released it as his winner's single from The X Factor (UK). But I chose the original version because you can't really beat it, even if the covers are fantastic. The "Impossible" music video shows Shontelle's relationship unfold as the guy, Steph Jones, doesn't love her as much as she thought he did.

Shontelle, full name Shontelle Layne, has had a couple of hits in her career, namely this one and her debut single "T-Shirt". She was expected to release her third studio album in 2013, but time is definitely getting on now, and no word about a new album has come forth. Is this a star that slowly disappeared from the limelight? It isn't much of a surprise, especially when James Arthur covered this song and charted much better globally than she did. Will she make a return, it's more than likely, eventually; but, whether it'll be a successful comeback, is something we can't be certain of. This song was written by Arnthor Birgisson and Ina Wroldsen. No wonder it was a hit song, especially with the latter songwriter.

Directed by Taj Stansberry, this music video incorporates a performance and a narrative, with the main focus on the narrative throughout. Her love interest is played by singer/songwriter and actor and model Steph Jones.

The storyline shows Shontelle walking away from her relationship with her on-screen love interest Steph Jones. She looks back over all the good and bad times during their music making days. These past clips aren't easily known as her past and can be considered confusing to start off with.

There are many performance scenes, but she doesn't really connect with the song throughout. She obviously cares for the song but doesn't put enough passion behind her performance of it. Which is probably why people claim that James Arthur's version of "Impossible" is better, or even the Fifth Harmony cover during The X Factor (US).

The rest of the music video isn't all that interesting, many scenes are shown that we have seen plenty of times in other music videos. It's intricate but not as engaging as we all hoped it would be.
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