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I Promised Myself - Basshunter |

This is always my go-to artist for when I can't think of anything to blog about, purely because Basshunter's music video continue on from one another, and so, I feel like I need to do them in order. Even if some of them don't belong as part of the overall narrative, they can be made to fit in. This one, in particular, has a heart-breaking cliff-hanger after the phenomenal storyline found in "Every Morning". It's been a long time since we've seen a Basshunter music video, and we definitely need a follow-up since "Northern Light" was the last one that continued the storyline. Watch Basshunter rush to the hospital after Aylar Lie disappears in the water just as he was ready to propose, only to find someone else by her side in the music video for "I Promised Myself".

Basshunter, real name Jonas Altberg, has practically dwindled in popularity. The once popular DJ hit both the UK and Swedish charts hard, but he hasn't done much recently. He has been doing club tours and what I would call trying to get his name out there more using the popularity he has already gained, I saw him do a DJ set at a local club, but from what I remember, it wasn't all that memorable. He needs to focus on music once again because we are in a world where DJs are doing incredibly well, but he made it before they all did and could come back with a hit if he gave it a good shot. This song only charted in the UK at the low number of 94. It is a cover version of Nick Kamen's "I Promised Myself", written by Nick Kamen.

Directed by Alex Herron, this is the fifth/sixth music video that continues the narrative between Basshunter, Aylar Lie, and Lucas Thorheim. So, let's RECAP! "Now You're Gone" gave us Aylar Lie and Lucas Thorheim breaking up by text yet they both go clubbing with their respected friends and end up in the same club and get back together. "All I Ever Wanted" shows them on holiday in Spain, they have fun and go clubbing, but Lucas finds a 'mate's cousin', is it the end for them? "Angel In The Night" broke Aylar & Lucas up via text again, and Aylar finds Jonas Altberg (Basshunter) and after impressing her with his street racing and singing, they kiss... "I Miss You / Jingle Bells" brings Christmas in Norway; there's snow, presents and a dip in the hot tub, as well as Jonas having to fend off a guy from coming on to Aylar. "Walk On Water" breaks the story as we're shown the touring life of Basshunter. "Every Morning" saw Jonas building up the courage to propose to Aylar, but the right moment never happens, and then the water takes her and she disappears.

This video focuses on Jonas and him rushing to the hospital after Aylar has been found. He can be seen in the back of a taxi throughout most of the video. He performs the song with all the passionate emotion that you can possibly give in the back of a taxi.

We watch memories of Aylar and Jonas' relationship from their past music videos, as well as recent memories recorded specifically for this music video. There is clear promotion of the Nintendo Wii, and there's a cake fight too. It's nice to see how much Jonas has changed since "Angel In The Night". There are some lovely couple moments in his memories, ones that I would love to have myself at some stage in my life - here's jealous Jonni again.

He arrives at the hospital and searches every room for Aylar. The last door he comes to, he sees her. He builds up the courage to walk in, and when he opens the door again; next to Aylar, is Lucas. Then the video ends. It's a critical ending, one that shocks the audience, and can you believe we didn't have a follow-up video until three years later; talk about keeping us in suspense.

Overall, this is a great narrative music video for a cover version of a great song. I feel like there isn't enough to it, I think the memories aren't that substantial and could've been more, but the ending just wraps it all up in a chaotic twist like we weren't expecting. I remember watching it for the first time on the music channels, and I couldn't believe they ended it like that.
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