Rykka - Runnin' Away

26 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Runnin' Away - Rykka |

We'll all be runnin' away with Rykka. This awesome song can be found on her album, and I'm so glad that it got a brilliant gentle music video to accompany the track. Filmed in Switzerland, the Swiss music video is engaging and interesting, with Rykka giving her all as usual, for this sweet and relaxer of a song. The "Runnin' Away" music video shows Rykka in the best possible limelight, she may not have done well at Eurovision, but we all missed out on the star she is.

Rykka, real name Christina Rieder, first came to my attention at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, where she represented Switzerland with "The Last Of Our Kind". The song was incredibly catchy, but her performance led to her not making the Grand Final. Yet, it gave her international exposure, and looking back at her released songs just proves that Rykka is someone we all should be keeping an eye on. This song was never released as a single, but it is available on her "Beatitudes" album. A music video has been released for it, which led to people thinking it would be the next single. I'm guessing it's a way of saying goodbye to this album; and, hopefully, new music from Rykka is on the way, instead. The song was written by Wayne Livesey, Christina Maria Rieder, and Ryan Carl Dahle.

Directed by Brianne Nord-Stewart, the video accompanies the song perfectly. It's gentle, peaceful, and shows Rykka off in such a positive light. I hope she continues to release music and show to the world she's a superstar, This music video practically proves it.

Filmed in Switzerland, in Lucerne and Meilin, the music video shows Rykka in some amazing profile scenes. The first scene is one of many where Rykka shows her performance vibes and her stunning beauty. The following scenes, Rykka is in a convertible car driving through a forest lined road. Then comes the empty swimming pool dance scene, which is completely on point throughout. Rykka nails the choreography in perfect sync with the dancers and adding a stand-out rhythmic vibe to her performance.

Then as the song switches up for an incredibly sultry verse, Rykka does the exact same in the visual in a very sexy outfit within a barn, she also poses with a lamb. Rykka proves with this music video that she is an allrounder, one we should all be watching, and one we will never forget. Great music to fit with a very catchy relaxer of a song. We're all runnin' away with you Rykka!
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