Greta Salóme - My Blues

March 21, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

My Blues - Greta Salome |

She's back with a brand new music video that features The Mountain. This is exactly what we needed and it's completely catchy. Although, I was kind of expecting The Mountain to break out in song throughout. Regardless, Greta Salóme totally makes up for it with her fired-up vocals. Watch Greta Salóme work out with The Mountain, showing that her vocals aren't the only fierce thing about her in this music video for "My Blues".

Greta Salóme, full name Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir, first came to my attention at Eurovision 2016, when she, unfortunately, didn't make it into the Grand Final with "Hear Them Calling" whilst she represented Iceland. I'm not sure what went wrong as that song is a killer. Regardless, she has continued to release music and she is constantly proving that her vocals are intricately amazing. She also, previously, represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 alongside Jónsi with the song "Never Forget", she did much better back then, placing 20th in the Grand Final. This song is her most recent release and is probably my favourite song from her ever; it's infinitely catchy and seriously tests her vocals, which she nails throughout.

Directed by Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon with Nazar Davidoff acting as director of photography. The video features The Mountain from Game of Thrones, who is played by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. It is set in a gym, as we watch The Mountain and Greta Salóme train together.

We see them work out on a few things, including chin-ups or pull-ups, weight lifting, sledgehammer training, and tyre flipping. The best is the push-ups where Greta Salóme can be seen doing push-ups on The Mountain's back as he does push-ups at the same time - you can see his strength as she attempts to stay on his back. The ending is hilarious.

There's not a lot else I can comment on with this video, although it's intense throughout and gripping as a viewer. It's interesting to watch them work out together and watch their relationship unfold in the video, they get on so well.
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