Platnum - Do It Different

March 11, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Do It Different - Platnum |

After seeing Platnum perform for the second time in my life, on Friday, I just had to revisit their previous songs and watch their music videos. They have announced a new single and there will be a music video, which totally excites me, check out my gig review on CelebMix for all the details. They are now going as a duo, collaborating with Leanne Brown from Sweet Female Attitude, and they were totally incredible. They have not released an album yet, although they were planning on releasing an album called "Lost In The Music", as the description of this music video indicates. The song is actually called "Do It Different" and it's total fire just like all their other songs. Watch Platnum totally switch it up and "Do It Different" in this music video, set on a very gorgeous sandy beach, bringing it completely. Just like they did Friday night at their gig.

Platnum used to be a three-piece group consisting of Aaron Evers, Michelle McKenna, and Mina Poli. The latter has left the group, but Aaron and Michelle has continued on as a two-piece, completely bringing the garage vibe, which we totally love in their recent song "Just For Me". They have major plans coming up in the next few months or so, and we all can't wait to see what the future will bring for them. Their new single was showcased at their gig on Friday, in collaboration with Leanne Brown from Sweet Female Attitude, and it sounded amazing. The future is exciting for Aaron Evers, Michelle McKenna, and Leanne Brown. This song should've been a hit, it's one I love playing at any predrink party.

This music video opens with comets falling to Earth and hitting the beach, then Platnum comes on screen, questioning what has just happened. Fire is around them everywhere, but they don't care because they're doing it differently.

They make it look like they came down on the island with the comets; especially when the natives of the island start to surround them. Platnum are natural performers, really giving it their all in every single scene, so much so that the central narrative is pushed to the background. It's totally clever and Platnum oozes personality and fire in this video.

The scenes later change to night time, where we see the natives perform fire tricks, but none are impressive as the energetic vibes come from this group. They deserve to be on stages up and down the country, they deserve to at least have an album out, one I'll no doubt play on repeat for hours every day.

If anything, this music video proves that Platnum are a group that should have success, and apart from their two amazing first singles: the feature on H2O's "What's It Gonna Be" and their own single "Love Shy (Thinking About You)"; for whatever reason their follow-ups just didn't have the impact that they should've done. These follow-ups are lost hits, ones people are still discovering today and completely loving. Platnum are still going, and are ready for a comeback like no other.
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