Sabrina Carpenter - Thumbs

March 07, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Thumbs - Sabrina Carpenter |

This has been popping up in my YouTube Recommendations for the past month, so I thought it was about time I reviewed it. After first listen, I'm in love with it, such a catchy number with very true lyrics, it deserves to be a hit, but it's a shame that it hasn't made it onto charts internationally. The lyrics are shockingly real, that it's surprising that she's singing this song, and yet it works perfectly because it's usually the young people who realise this is happening. Watch Sabrina Carpenter on a subway train dancing and singing her song "Thumbs" in this music video; with great person identification.

Sabrina Carpenter is mostly known for playing Maya Hart in the Disney TV show Girl Meets World, which concluded earlier this year. She can also be seen alongside Sofia Carson in the Disney Channel Original Film remake Adventures In Babysitting. She has been trying for a career in music since 2014 and has released two albums, both of which has charted on the US Billboard Hot 100. This song was originally a promotional single for her second studio album, but later became an official single, hence the music video. It was written by Steve Mac and Priscilla Renea.

The music video is set on the Girl Meets World subway. It looks like it was taken in one complete shot, making it intricately detailed.

We watch Sabrina Carpenter move about the subway train, adding extra dancing flicks and hanging from the pole. I did kind of expect her to do some pole dancing, but I guess she didn't want to give it a try.

The video displays various background characters who are just general people, who can dance. They're the sort of people you expect to see if you go on a subway train. During some parts of the video, they become the main characters, showing off their dancing abilities, or taking over Sabrina Carpenter's lyrics - lip syncing along to the song.

The final shot sees Sabrina Carpenter back in the place she was previously sitting at the start of the video, delivering the powerful last line of the song. Although, she is missing her jacket that she left behind at a station stop.

Overall, a great intricate music video that is engaging from start to finish. Sabrina Carpenter fully shows off her stage presence with this visual. She's completely energetic and is having a great time shooting the video. I also like how the background characters are your typical train travellers.
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