New Release: Alan Walker Featuring Gavin James - Tired

May 19, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Tired (feat. Gavin James) - Alan Walker |

Again, today saw lots of new music get released, but not many have music videos, so I struggled to find one that did. I stumbled across this one from Alan Walker, and he proves, yet again, how incredible his music is. The video matches this, giving us war images and shows that love truly can win out. The visual is pretty similar to his previous efforts, and the song follows the same sort of suit; regardless, this easily gets stuck in my head and I'm sure it'll get inside yours too. Watch this war explosion of a visual in this Alan Walker music video for "Tired" which features Gavin James.

Alan Walker is quickly becoming a DJ we all know and love. He hit it big in 2015 with "Faded" and ever since, he has released catchy singles one after another; although, they have not been raging chart successes, unlike his previous first hit. However, they've charted well in his home country of Norway, where he has topped the charts three times to date. He also became virally known when he collaborated with Sofia Carson on "Back To Beautiful", his remix of which was chosen as her official single release of the song. I truly believe he will continue on with his success, and I can't wait to see what the future brings for him. "Tired" is in collaboration with Gavin James, who is an Irish singer-songwriter; he had a global hit with "Nervous", and his debut album charted moderately well in certain countries. This song is expected to chart well, and Alan Walker has been teasing it a lot recently.

Directed by Alexander Halvorsen, the music video is a subtle narrative music video, which we have come to expect from Alan Walker.

There's not an awful lot going on in the visual, we see that war is going on and there's a group of people who need to connect something to the power supply.

We see that our two main characters are into one another as they keep looking and smiling across. It's quite powerful to know that even though they're hiding behind a hood and a cloth that is covering their mouths, you can tell by their eyes that they are smiling.

We see some sexual images of the two characters together. They are played by Sarah Gindel Jabang and Daniel Peralta. Eventually, they manage to connect to the network and we watch a timer count down the minutes until impact. When it reaches zero we see all the lights go out.

Overall, this music video isn't easy to understand and the reasons why is hidden behind the visuals; regardless, the video is interesting and engaging. It makes you want to know what's going on; that is definitely what makes this music video special. Yet, it's confusing and hard to understand, with many repetitive scenes.
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