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June 23, 2017 Critic Jonni 1 Comments

Where the Love Goes (feat. Oskar Flood) - Anjulie |

Well here comes the furries and before this music video, I had no idea that furries were a thing, but I must've been one in my past life because they look so awesome! Looking over the new releases, there wasn't much choice when it came to which ones that had a music video, I ended up with two choices and chose this one since it's more my sort of music, and I believe I know the name from somewhere. After a bit of searching, I found out I previously reviewed Anjulie from way back when because her music video for "Brand New Bitch" was being shown on the UK music channels. It's good to see that she's still going and this new song is definitely electric! Watch Anjulie frolic in a field with a guy called Damien who is in a blue dog furry costume, before she hosts a birthday party at a house for him, where she ends up covering herself in food, in this weird music video for "Where The Love Goes" featuring Oskar Flood.

Anjulie, full name Anjulie Persaud, is a Canadian singer/songwriter. She's made her name known in the songwriting world, having already written songs for some high-calibre artists. She's been attempting a solo career for some time now, with "Brand New Bitch" being her most successful song to date; it charted at number 16 in Canada. She released her self-titled debut album in 2009. We hope she plans on releasing another one in the future. This song features Oskar Flood who doesn't have a lot of information, and my research turned up nothing apart from this song and music video, as well as a remix of Brooke Candy's "Living Out Loud" featuring Sia. According to Spinnin' Records, which this song has been released on, this is a 'golden teamup'.

The music video is quite different to what you would imagine, and it is quite sexual in specific ways. Anjulie is shown throughout the visual, meeting up with her love, Damien. He is a furry, dressed up as a sexy blue dog; this isn't the first time a furry has been included in a video, most notably Ke$ha's "C'Mon".

The opening scene sees Anjulie performing the song in a field, where she meets up with Damien and frolics around with him. There are many comical positions in this scene before Anjulie throws a ball, which the furry chases.

Next, we see her shopping and texting Damien, saying that they're still on for 'tonight'. She hosts a birthday party, and cooks a lot of delicious food; yet, when she sits down, she decides to cover herself in the food, rubbing it all over her face. It's completely weird in every way, but she clearly enjoys every minute of it.

Later, she's blowing up balloons, and Damien asks if he should bring dinner, but she admits that she's already eaten. He comes round and finds her on the bed surrounded by balloons.

Overall, this music video is confusing but slightly relatable to the song. Anjulie totally reminds me of Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge. She's comical throughout and really gets into her role. Damien, whoever he is, is wearing one of the best furry animal suits I've seen.
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  1. Slight correction: it's called a "fursuit", not a costume, and they mean a great deal to the furry fandom; they're sort of what you'd call "elites".