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This music video was released yesterday alongside the release of Faydee's new EP titled "Patterns", which contains four additional tracks along with this song. If this song is anything to go by, we reckon we all need to take a listen to his new EP. The song has a very European-pop twist to it which is certainly becoming extremely popular all around the world. Faydee may have only had one global hit to date, but he deserves so much more recognition and stardom. Watch Faydee singing in Sofia, Bulgaria about wanting so much more. He clearly likes this woman so much and this music video easily portrays this.

Faydee, real name Fady Fatrouni, is an Australian singer-songwriter who is of Lebanese descent. He is mostly known for his hit with Shaggy, Mohombi, and Costi, titled "Habibi (I Need Your Love)", which charted moderately well around the world. From that success, he has had some all right hits and has appeared on many compilation albums. He continues to prove that he can make it in the music world with great song releases, just like this one.

There isn't a lot going on in this music video, that was filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria - as many viewers have identified. Mainly it is a performance piece, with Faydee bringing some usual male energetic vibes throughout.

He oozes emotion in this song. He clearly feels a lot for this song and means every single lyric. The shots are very prolific showing off Faydee's handsome looks; interspersed with scenes of the female love interest who is just as sexy.

There might not be a lot going on in the visual, but it tells a slight story whilst Faydee sings about her. It works so well in a relaxed way. They could've done so much more though.
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