New Release: Kesha - Learn To Let Go

July 28, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Learn To Let Go - Kesha

It is not long until we finally have Kesha's new album playing through our speakers. Yet again, she's given us another music video in promotion of the album; this is her third song from the "Rainbow" album and regardless of the clear low-budget compared to "Praying", it's well thought out and so so so good, just like the previous low-budget music video for "Woman". Whatever's happening with the whole #FreeKesha thing, we know that she is completely on form, for sure. Watch Kesha "Learn To Let Go" in her new music video which delves into the past and her childhood, and see how she takes inspiration from the home videos.

Kesha, full name Kesha Sebert, is preparing the release of her third studio album "Rainbow" and we are so excited. She's released two songs "Praying" and "Woman" which are complete killer tracks, just like this one and really proves that her new album is one that we are going to have on repeat for quite some time. She is still caught up with the court case with Dr. Luke but she's now releasing music and we are loving every new track. This song was written by Kesha Sebert, Pebe Sebert, and Stuart Crichton.

Directed by Isaac Ravishankara, this music video sees Kesha looking back on when she was a child and was all innocent. She transforms the home videos into reimagined scenes and it's beyond beautiful.

The start sees her putting a video tape into the player and her sitting down and watching with us. The walls collapse outwards and she walks through a forest where there are various items that link back to her childhood. We see a giant bed with a giant teddy bear, a truck in parts, a puppet stage, a reimagined swimming pool, and more. At one point, she takes the dance moves shown in a home video and transform them into a choreographed dance scene with her backup dancers; talk about coming up with good ideas!

The ending sees Kesha return to the room with her home videos of her childhood whilst the visual ends with the back of her denim jacket that says "The Sweet Little Devil Herself Ms. Kesha Rose" - we all want a jacket like that.

Another great music video from Kesha, we really should expect nothing less. Very thought out and relatable to the song. It works completely and we can't stop watching. We wish this had a much bigger budget as it could have been beyond awesome; but, regardless, it works well.
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