Liam Ferrari - Run To You

31 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Run to You - Liam Ferrari |

YouTube Recommendations have come through for me again today, as I attempt to catch up with this blog. After previously watching Monoir's "Save The Night" featuring Alexandra Stan, which is set in a similar location, it's great that I've come across Liam Ferrari's "Run To You". This place is absolutely gorgeous, and totally a place we all want to visit for a couple of days. I'm so glad to see this scenery again in a music video! Watch Liam Ferrari perform in a stunning Greek Island where he sings and dances through this new single "Run To You".

Liam Ferrari is first and foremost a self-taught dancer. His videos have had millions of views on YouTube and Instagram. He also gained fame as part of a group called Straight Up who competed on the fifth season of The X Factor (Australia); they were eliminated at the Judges' Houses stage. Recently, he has turned to solo music, and it sure has become extremely popular after his viral dance videos. This song is a total killer, that has a Justin Bieber-esque to it. I truly believe Liam Ferrari will become big as the years go by. He's clearly passionate about this and prepared to make it his career; with his sort of following, he is going to be massive, especially if he keeps bringing amazingly catchy songs like this one. The song was written by Rory Noble.

Directed by Sean Higgins (Shotography), this music video is a pure performance piece that showcases who Liam Ferrari is. It was shot in a gorgeous Greek Island that totally looks scenically beautiful. We bet his whole team enjoyed every minute of being there.

What we do know from this music video, is that no one would be disappointed at a Liam Ferrari concert. Not only does he look so hot, but he performs with electric energy that transcends to every viewer.

His dancing is on point and he nails it in every way. However, as with most solo dance freestyle, it feels awkward. Although he brings it, I'd love to see backing dancers to allow him to truly shine even more. It just feels like he's trying to show off in this visual, which is what we definitely shouldn't be thinking.

Overall, the scenic beauty is what attracted me to the music video; and, I won't lie that his shirtless visuals are nice to look at. However, I don't feel engaged or amazed at his performance throughout. It's energetic and there's a lot of dancing going on, but the dancing doesn't relate to the song apart from the upbeat feel of the track. I'm missing the emotions and the feelings of this song.
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