H "Two" O Featuring Platnum - What's It Gonna Be

March 02, 2013 Critic Jonni 3 Comments

What's It Gonna Be (feat. Platnum) - H "Two" O |

H "Two" O are a bassline/garage duo consisting of Solution and Oz, real names Selim Ben Rabha and Simon McDevitt. Since this, they have not released any more on iTunes, however they are still creating music, but I doubt they will be able to make anything as big as this song was. The featuring band is Platnum. they are a three-piece consisting of Aaron Evers, Michelle McKenna and Mina Poli. They were signed to 'Hard2Beat/Dance Nation' records (who also had Basshunter, September, Star Pilots and Sash!) and released a second single with them which was "Love Shy (Thinking About You)". But recently the record label is no longer releasing, and so Platnum had to find a new record label, which just happens to be 'All In Recordings'. Platnum has released a few Singles under this record label (none of which has charted), and they have a new track "Love You Tomorrow" being released in a months time, with an album (finally) being released later on in the year called 'Lost In The Music'. We've waited so long for this album, it's bound to be amazing.

"What It Gonna Be" became a UK hit managing to get to number two in the singles chart. Just missing out on the top spot thanks to Duffy with "Mercy". It's extremely catchy, and definitely was worthy of the top spot. Platnum have failed to keep in the charts since leaving Hard2Beat/Dance Nation, but their songs are still as catchy as ever. I have little faith in them being able to chart quite so high again, on the other hand, I can see them managing to crack the chart once again, they deserve much more success.

This music video is exactly what you kind of expected. The song influenced many school kids to buy the single (whether through downloads, or actually purchasing the CD single). It's a pure narrative piece, with a few performance pieces added throughout, and a complicated dance routine involved too.

The music video was set in Dulwich College, using a school theme as a back drop. According to the 'Behind the Scenes' video, the initial thought behind it was 'St. Trinian's'. And it sure represents that.

I can't help but laugh when Aaron falls into a day dream, it's very predictable and they must have had great fun filming that part. I like the ending too, it shows that he is devoted to her, and wouldn't stray.

The ending also includes H "Two" O in a few scenes, and they are also in the class room, however you rarely see them. Platnum, on the other hand, takes up the focus of the whole video.

Overall a very catchy song that should've got to number one, it also managed to chart in other countries in Europe. The accompanying music video, has everything you could possibly want and much, much more. I also like the complex dance routines. Especially when the geek dances, you can't help but laugh. This video is fun, sexy and full of everything, it's one of those videos you would definitely watch again and again.
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  1. who was the blonde girl in the video very like a sassy Reese Witherspoon

    1. The name of the actress was never revealed, unfortunately