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26 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Unruly - Relley.C |

It's been two months since Relley C dropped her debut single "Unruly", which I wrote up for CelebMix and Outlet Magazine. Last night, she dropped the music video for this song and it is completely awesome. Again, I wrote it up for CelebMix and Outlet Magazine; and I am so happy there's a music video so I can now review it on my blog. It's high-quality, brilliantly edited and even features a mini-me in the visual. It was so worth the wait. Watch Relley C be "Unruly" reflecting back on her past and her childhood in her debut music video.

Relley C, real name Sherelle Clarke, is a home girl; she hails from my home city of Birmingham! Not only that, but she is an incredible singer/songwriter, who I have followed since her first audition on The X Factor series 10. She got as far as the Judges' Houses before being eliminated. Luckily, she returned for series 13 and I got to support her once again. This time around she made it to the live shows and placed 10th overall - although she totally deserved to get much further. "Unruly" was written by Relley C, Lei Jennings, and The 1990 Club.

Directed by Olvr G, filmed and edited by 'eyekandyvisuals', and co-shot by FF Creative, this music video is a pure performance visual set within a slight narrative. Relley C is accompanied by a child version of herself who is played by Portia.

There are a few different scenes, most of which shows Relley C looking out across a very beautiful landscape. It's serene watching her perform outwards. She can also be spotted in a tree, and in a field - where her mini-me is in the background doing back flips.

As expected, Relley C gives it her all for the music video; she's a total natural as if this is exactly the place she's meant to be, showcasing herself as an artist in a music video. I am loving the shots and her confidence and her performance vibes. The whole visual totally excites me for the day I eventually see her live on stage.

Overall, this music video is great, I love some of the transitions between adult Relley C and young Relley C. I already love the song, but it's even better now we have a visual to go along with it. I cannot wait to see what the future brings to this soulful R&B singer/songwriter. Keep your eye on Relley C!
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