New Release: Felix Jaehn Featuring Hearts & Colors & Adam Trigger - Like A Riddle

October 06, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Like a Riddle (feat. Adam Trigger & Hearts & Colors) - Felix Jaehn |

I wrote this one up for CelebMix a while back, now I'm 11 days behind on my blog I've decided to try and type these posts up really quickly and catch up on myself. I hate being behind on my blog. Regardless, I totally adore this song and the music video is quite quirky too. The song is a total banger, one that will no doubt become a treasured track by many that never quite becomes a hit - even though it completely deserves to chart hard around the world. It has a jovial musical beat that just sends out positive vibes everytime people listen to the track. Watch Felix Jaehn, Hearts & Colors, and Adam Trigger perform on screens as two dancers bat out contemporary choreography as they translate the song into a tough relationship in this music video for "Like A Riddle".

Felix Jaehn, real name Felix Jähn, went viral when he remixed Omi's "Cheerleader". He followed that up with a version of "Ain't Nobody" by Rufus & Chaka Khan; his song was titled "Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)" and featured Jasmine Thompson. He has gone on to record with some of the biggest and the best rising stars, and this is just another to add to the collection. He is planning on releasing a 25-track album, titled "I" in February 2018 - I cannot wait. This is a collaboration with Hearts & Colors and Adam Trigger. The former are a duo consisting of Philip Tillström & Nicolai Kjellberg; they hail from Sweden and went viral with their hit "Lighthouse"; it was that song that brought them to the attention of Felix Jaehn and soon enough, they came to his studio to create this song. As for Adam Trigger, he is a DJ who is fairly new on the scene, but he has brought a lot of listeners to his music, so he's bound to have some hits coming out in the future. According to Vevo, the song was written by Felix Jaehn, Adam Trigger, Aiko Rohd, Steven Bashir, Patrick Jean, and Florent Hugel.

Directed by Toyah Diebel and Niels Müter, the music video is a pure narrative, where dancers Jemima Rose Dean and Valentin Braun display their confusing relationship at an American Diner; while there is  a subtle performance visual by Felix Jaehn, Hearts & Colors, and Adam Trigger on the screens in the diner; they also interact with the dancers, creating a great crossover visual.

We watch the two dancers in a booth at the diner, clearly not enjoying their time together. Soon enough, Jemima Rose Dean decides she wants to liven up the mood, so she dances around the table, lifting his spirits up. Next, they're back at the table, and she keeps looking at Felix Jaehn on the screen; Valentin Braun gets jealous and this leads to a fight, one that includes a milkshake being thrown which manages to transport itself into the screen and splash Felix Jaehn.

The ending sees the couple happily together, walking out the diner, just as Felix Jaehn walks in. It's a great concept that really works with the song overall. There's nothing more that could've been done to make this better, although there is definitely something missing.
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