Felix Jaehn, Hight & Alex Aiono - Hot2Touch

25 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Hot2Touch - Felix Jaehn, Hight & Alex Aiono

I am off to see Alex Aiono for CelebMix on Monday 13 November 2017, so I thought I'll take a look at his songs and music videos so I know what he's singing when he's on stage. Since I'm starting to become obsessed with Felix Jaehn's music, I thought I might as well review this music video, and this must be a brilliant song, with a great music video too - or so I can hope. After watching, I'm relieved to say I do like it, both the song and the music video. Watch Felix Jaehn, Hight, and Alex Aiono have a party with some friends as they capture the sound of the song in this music video for their single "Hot2Touch".

Felix Jaehn, real name Felix Jähn, went international with his debut single, that certainly launched this German DJ. Now he's gearing up to release his debut album, and I literally cannot wait because all his recent releases have certainly been on fire. Let's just hope that it does well around the world and pulls in some chart numbers because I have no doubt it'll deserve high numbers. This is one of the tracks that will be on the album, it is a collaboration with Hight and Alex Aiono. The former is a London DJ who has been making various waves over the past few years, this collaboration has certainly helped to push his success. As for the latter, he's definitely going viral often; Alex Aiono came from YouTube and has a massive following and he may not have had a massive chart success, just yet, but he's definitely one male solo singer we all need to keep our eyes on. This song was written by Tim Deal, Thomas Alexander Walker, Felix Jaehn, Mark Ralph, and Cass Lowe.

The music video was directed by Carly Cussen. It is a full-on party visual, although it is displayed more as a YouTuber party. It's a great idea and concept, but the editing is quite on the lacking side, to the extent that it makes it hard to follow - at times.

The party takes place in an abandoned warehouse. Alex Aiono brings the music and there are balloons floating in the air. Everyone is dancing to choreography - even Felix Jaehn gets in on the moving, now that's what we're talking about!

The choreography may be simple but the dance sequences are nailed in every way. There's also a lot of freelance going on, and it's clear everyone involved is having a brilliant time. There are also some great outdoor shots that look awesome too. I have to give a shout out to the beer pong and the rides in a shopping trolley, something I've done on many occasions and some things you need to try out soon - if you haven't already.

Overall, this music video is engaging from start to finish, allowing the viewers to see something new every single time they watch it. So go and watch it again, trust me. I also love the personal video shots too, it feels like we're in this video, viewing it, just like we feel when we watch YouTubers. However, there could've been more of a link to the song itself because it does sort of come across as another party video.
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