Alexandra Stan & Inna Featuring Daddy Yankee - We Wanna

November 26, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

We Wanna (feat. Daddy Yankee) - Alexandra Stan & Inna |

Now, how have I not reviewed this yet? My favourite collaboration in the whole world and the song is such a jam too! Well, it's time I rectify this and write up a review of this music video. The song is a killer but it nearly didn't get released, as it was originally an Inna song, with her singing slightly different lyrics, it was "from Argentina to Mexico", but it obviously got changed for this collaboration - to be fair it does feel more like an Alexandra Stan song. It works well as a collaboration and certainly brings the fire. Many people referred to it as the Romanian answer to Shakira & Rihanna's "Can't Remember To Forget You". Watch Alexandra Stan and Inna wear sexy clothes as the perform this song and knock out some killer choreography, whilst Daddy Yankee performs a segment in this music video for "We Wanna".

Alexandra Stan is one of the biggest female Romanian artists around at the moment, she went viral with her song "Mr Saxobeat" which charted all around the world, she hasn't managed to follow through with that success with any of her follow-up songs, although most of them are flat-out amazing and catchy in every way - just take a listen and you'll have no choice but to agree. This collaboration sees another top Romanian female artist perform the song alongside her. Inna, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, is a worldwide artist and has over two billion views on YouTube. She has fans in countries all around the world and rose to fame with hit singles "Hot", "Amazing" and "Sun Is Up". She's collaborated with big stars and hit it big again with "More Than Friends", "Cola Song", and "Good Time". Yet, it's her latest singles that have risen to the top with "Gimme Gimme" and "Ruleta" having over 100 million YouTube views. I am waiting for the day she has a global chart hit in every country - it's bound to happen sometime soon. They later collaborated together, again, on G Girls' "Call The Police". Featuring on this track is Daddy Yankee, real name Ramón Rodríguez, who is one of the biggest latino singers around, he's hit it big a number of times, most notably with "Gasolina" and extremely recently with "Despacito". This time, he's bound to stay on form and hit out chart single after chart single. This song should've been a worldwide hit; disappointingly so, it only charted in a few countries, turning this into a treasured hit by many. The song was written by Ramón Ayala, Jacob Luttrell, Andreas Schuller, and Thomas Troelsen.

Directed by Khaled Mokhtar, Dimitri Caceaune, and David Gal, this music video is another performance piece from Romanian artists Alexandra Stan and Inna, as well as Puerto Rican artist Daddy Yankee. However, the female singers switch it up by actually performing a dance sequence. Yes, Alexandra Stan and Inna are actually dancing in this visual.

The visual starts off with a Lenovo phone ringing, suggesting that the song's backing track would be perfect as a ringtone. Someone flips the phone over and answers the call from Alexandra Stan - could this possibly be Inna's phone?

We then flit over to a close up of a chandelier and various other shots as the collaboration between Alexandra Stan and Inna truly begins. This song combines the Saxobeats and the Club Rockers, making both fandoms very happy that their dreams of a duet is finally here.

The following scenes see both artists perform the song in various outfits and settings. Alexandra Stan is overly sexualised, to the extent where all eyes are on her. I hate most of the outfits she is wearing, and she just comes across too much of a try-hard. Inna, on the other hand, is more reserved in her fashion choices and certainly comes off a lot better. My favourite performance segment, apart from the dancing scene, is totally Inna's stage scene. Although each scene, from each of the artists, are pure fire, these women sure know how to bring the energy.

As for Daddy Yankee, he clearly filmed his segment somewhere else, but the constant switching from scenes makes it feel like he was actually there. He brings the same amount of energy throughout whilst Alexandra Stan and Inna prepare for their dance battle and choreographed sequence - this is the scene that grabs us all.

Overall, this song is a complete banger of a tune - it should've been a worldwide hit. The accompanying music video is overly sexualised, although it looks like Alexandra Stan and Inna had loads of fun during the party at the end, and it sure gains kudos for their dance sequence, which is pure fire. Both these artists need to do full-on choreography in one of their upcoming music videos because they are certainly more than capable. It's also nice to see Daddy Yankee break up the song with his segment. A perfect song and a pretty great video.
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