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Girl from Sweden - Eric Saade |

This song has been stuck in my head after I came home from work the other day (this is a backdated post - it is actually March, and I've been working for a month now). So, I thought I'd see if there was a music video for this song, and once again Eric Saade has come through for me. This is not only a good music video, it's a great music video which relates well to the song and represents his home country perfectly. I'm surprised he didn't attempt Melodifestivalen with this song, as I reckon it would've been a good contender. Watch Eric Saade present his country for the whole world to see, allowing us to see some beautiful sights, some beautiful Swedish people, and this singer-songwriter dancing in this music video for "Girl From Sweden".

Eric Saade is best known for competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with "Popular" where he represented his home country, Sweden, coming third with 185 points. Since then he has released a tonne of music and even returned to Melodifestivalen a few times in the hope to represent Sweden at Eurovision again. I adore this track, and I think the song and its accompanying music video would've been perfect for Eurovision, but it wasn't a part of the competition. It didn't do quite so well chart wise in Sweden, only hitting the heatseekers chart. Regardless the song is a jam and truly shows what Eric Saade is capable of. How he isn't an international star yet, I do not know. He was also originally a part of boy band What's Up! for two years.

Directed by Alexandra Kentsdottir & Silja-Marie Kentsdottir, this music video is a pure performance piece with a narrative that doesn't really go anywhere at all. The location was filmed in various places in Stockholm, including Hornstull, Västerbron, Värmdö, and Levon. There's also a scene filmed in Smedby and Hagen in Leksand.

This really manages to show off Sweden - mainly Stockholm - amazingly and totally makes me want to visit even more one day; no doubt I will. It's a cute narrative showing Eric Saade at a press event by himself before exploring Sweden, clearly going after his "Girl From Sweden"; however a love interest never pops up, and instead three women dressed in Swedish traditional clothing appears beside him at the press event - these women can be seen during the performance pieces.

Finally, we get to see Eric Saade's dance moves, and he can certainly follow choreography. It may be basic but it's definitely one of those sequences that people will copy and perform in the comfort of their own homes or with other people. It's like he's bringing back something we've seen plenty of times from the 90's and the 00's and it really works. We want to be able to pull off those dance moves with his style and flair.

Overall, this music video is really good, it sort of relates to the song, to the extent where it shows off Sweden and the pretty women who live there. However, a love-interest would've certainly upped this music video rating that tiny bit more.
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