ROLE MODEL - going out

October 20, 2020 Critic Jonni 1 Comments

Another music video that was displayed in my YouTube Recommendations and I was intrigued with the name, ROLE MODEL, so I thought I'll give it a shot and review this visual, titled "going out". He is a singer-songwriter whose real name is Tucker Pillsbury and his lyrics are always very real, touching upon mental health such as depression and loneliness, as well as hitting troubles that many people are having in the world such as failed relationships and self-doubt. This specific song is about not wanting to go out clubbing for various reasons, mainly due to his mood which hits upon anxiety and depression but as well as his character trait of being introverted and much preferring his own company. His lyrics give reasons as to why he doesn't want to go out and he makes plenty of good points that you can't even argue with. I can totally relate since I am quite the introvert especially around new people, but clubbing is my escape and it makes me feel like an extrovert, especially when I've had some alcohol.

The music video opens up with him being asked by his mates to go out with them, but he turns them down or even tunes them out with his headphones. He walks down the middle of the road listening to music through his headphones and I can so relate to that specific scene, it's literally so good to be in your own music bubble. We later see him enjoying himself being at his home, taking a bath, ironing, and just spending his time exactly the way he wants to.

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  1. Hey, do you know what model of headphones he is using on the video clip?