New Release: Sharon Doorson - Golden Trophy

Golden Trophy - Sharon Doorson |

I was looking around for a New Release music video to review this week, and I'm so glad I stumbled across Sharon Doorson's "Golden Trophy", she's got some killer vocals and a heart-filled-passion in this song that I can't believe I've never reviewed any of her songs on my blog before. I'm totally captivated by this song and it's interesting music video, so much so that I've been watching it over and over again. Watch Sharon Doorson give an emphatic performance whilst sitting at the piano during the music video of "Golden Trophy" as athletic men circle around her looking back on their achievements.

Sharon Doorson is a dutch singer-songwriter. She made a name for herself when she competed in The Voice of Holland, where all four coaches turned during her audition. She was later eliminated during the semi-finals. Before The Voice of Holland, she was in a girl group with Eva Simons called Raffish. Now, she's been building her musical career, having collaborated with Mischa Daniels, as well as releasing many singles and a debut album. This single is her latest cut, and it's one of her strongest to date. It deserves to be a hit. It was written by Jalise Romy, Tevin Plaater (Spanker), and Simon Gitsels.

The music video was directed by Steven Kuijs. It's dark and mysterious but totally works as an influential visual. Not many people can captivate the audience by sitting down and playing the piano, but Sharon Doorson exudes fire. It's clear from the start that this song means a lot to her and she oozes performance in every scene. Plus, that stunning jumpsuit by Elisabetta Franchi, really makes this artist look incredibly gorgeous.

There is a slight narrative throughout, that sees various men come out of the shadows and up to the piano, they reminisce about their past achievements that gave them the golden trophy that she is singing about. The first guy gives us a bit of man-candy as he walks up shirtless, looking back at winning a belt probably from his wrestling career.

Later we see people circling the piano in formation. This makes it slightly eerie, especially cut between the wispy scenes of material. But it totally works, and Sharon Doorson is a talent that we cannot wait to become big; she just has to keep fighting for her dreams, use it as her oxygen just like she says in the song, and she'll get that golden trophy, at the end. I expect a worldwide hit in the near-future.
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Bronnie - Scared Much

Literally ecstatic when this was released, not only because Bronnie is an amazing singer, but because I've been planning this Halloween Special, for my blog, for years now and I'm so happy to be including Bronnie within. My plan was to make this video kickstart this Special, but I have been behind on my blog since I went to Kiss Haunted House Party 2016. Now, I'm all caught up and ready to review the music video to my favourite 2016 Halloween song! Bronnie sends out gothic vibes with this haunting music video for "Scared Much". Including many Halloween-related objects whilst she performs in a forest; this can't become anymore spookier.

Bronnie, full name Bronnie Hughes, came to my attention a few months ago, when one of her fans (known as Bron Dogs) tweeted me about "High School Sucks". Since then I have been hooked! She's bringing back pop/rock that we all knew and loved a decade ago. She's so genuine and caring, that's why she has some of the most amazing fans. I recently interviewed her for CelebMix; as well as covering the release of this single. "Scared Much" was written by Bronnie Hughes and Chris Bourne.

This haunting music video relates well with the song. At times there are exact translations of the songs lyrics which work well as visuals. It is a pure performance piece.

Bronnie is completely energetic throughout the video, not at all bothered that her head is floating above her body. She pulls off the floating head makeup trick perfectly. Her bright pink hair contrasts brilliantly.

The forest is entrancing, she manages to portray her love for this song as she heads towards the camera. Her stage presence is infectious, totally captivating and fully energetic throughout the video. This is exactly how she reacts on stage.

Other scenes include her dressing table that has a tonne of Halloween objects on, including a haunting mirror which allows us to see Bronnie get ready. Tarot cards, a crystal ball, candles and skulls complete the haunting visuals in this video. There is also a freakish ouija board!

Overall, this video has got it all going on; spooky, thrilling, haunting, what more could we want from Bronnie? The song was recorded at Edge Recording Studio. The video relates well with the song, with some great visual translations.
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Hilary Duff - Come Clean

Hilary Duff is my revisit this week, after I reviewed "So Yesterday". This was one of my favourite songs by her, and it has a relatable music video to go with it. Hilary Duff looks stunning in this video with candles lit around her and the rain pouring outside, she's alone and wishing she could go back to the beginning of a relationship, because you can never fit "a square into a circle".

Hilary Duff has come a long way since this song, and even though her most recent album didn't do very well in the UK, I am grateful that her music has became something better and the lyrics are a lot more normal than these cheesy unforgivable lines. Her vocal ability has come a long way too, but I think that is more to do with the fact that a few songs on her fifth studio album was written by herself, and she has definitely connected more with those songs. This one and a few of her back-catalogue feels like she didn't connect, this just sounds like she sung the song rather than emotionally singing, although the studio version is much better than the one used in the video. This was written by Kara DioGuardi and John Shanks.

The video is sweet and innocent, perfectly relatable to the song and reminds me a bit of JoJo's "Too Little Too Late". It was directed by Dave Meyers.

The video has snapshot scenes of a guy, who's name I do not know if anyone knows please comment below. Is this an ex? Or just a friend, we never actually find out. But Hilary Duff spends her time in her rather large lonely house, waiting for the rain to pass. She's very serious and numb, very numb.

It's one of those times where you don't know how to feel, you're just numb. I'm feeling that right now, and I'm so glad that I saw this video today, because that is exactly how I'm feeling. Yet it looks like Hilary Duff gets her happy ending, which doesn't seem to be coming my way any time soon.

Overall, a great music video, I love how she chills out with her friends watching TV whilst singing along to her own song haha, I wonder if other artists do that. I like seeing how old the technology is, and what? It's only been 11 years, it's shocking how advanced technology has come. This is a perfect video, and it's nice to see Hilary Duff much more serious. I admit I much prefer Master Blasters' cover version also called "Come Clean".
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Hey Monday - Candles

Hey Monday are a five piece rock band who are currently on hiatus and have been since 2011. Many people believe they have broken up, however no official statement has been released and the band members have been stating that they are only on hiatus, meaning they will return some time. The band members are Cassadee Pope, Mike Gentile, Alex Lipshaw, Chris Gentile and Patrick McKenzie. Cassadee Pope has recently won The Voice in the US, and plans on kicking off her solo career, but as I have previously stated, she has said Hey Monday is on hiatus, but if she gets bigger than she already is, will she ever return to this band? I hope so, as this band will show off her rock side. She can do both.

"Candles" was written by Mike Gentile, Sam Hollander, Dave Katz and Cassadee Pope. The song is highly emotional and definitely stands out on their album 'Hold On Tight'. Cassadee Pope's voice manages to portray the emotion, making you feel every word she sings. The song was released as an EP, that unfortunately failed to chart.

The music video is definitely different from their other songs such as "Homecoming" and "How You Love Me Now". Moving away from the typical broken relationship drama.

It's good that candles are used, and although there isn't much to the narrative you can really imagine her aloneness and what it's like when the person you used to rely on is no longer there.

There's not a lot for me to comment on, but the performance piece is energetic, making me want to see this band live, shame that they are on hiatus.

Overall a great song that was also covered by Glee. The music video is empty, but that is exactly what it is meant to be like, I still feel something is missing, there's nothing there that gives me the wow factor. On the other hand the song gives me that.
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