Bronnie - Scared Much

Literally ecstatic when this was released, not only because Bronnie is an amazing singer, but because I've been planning this Halloween Special, for my blog, for years now and I'm so happy to be including Bronnie within. My plan was to make this video kickstart this Special, but I have been behind on my blog since I went to Kiss Haunted House Party 2016. Now, I'm all caught up and ready to review the music video to my favourite 2016 Halloween song! Bronnie sends out gothic vibes with this haunting music video for "Scared Much". Including many Halloween-related objects whilst she performs in a forest; this can't become anymore spookier.

Bronnie, full name Bronnie Hughes, came to my attention a few months ago, when one of her fans (known as Bron Dogs) tweeted me about "High School Sucks". Since then I have been hooked! She's bringing back pop/rock that we all knew and loved a decade ago. She's so genuine and caring, that's why she has some of the most amazing fans. I recently interviewed her for CelebMix; as well as covering the release of this single. "Scared Much" was written by Bronnie Hughes and Chris Bourne.

This haunting music video relates well with the song. At times there are exact translations of the songs lyrics which work well as visuals. It is a pure performance piece.

Bronnie is completely energetic throughout the video, not at all bothered that her head is floating above her body. She pulls off the floating head makeup trick perfectly. Her bright pink hair contrasts brilliantly.

The forest is entrancing, she manages to portray her love for this song as she heads towards the camera. Her stage presence is infectious, totally captivating and fully energetic throughout the video. This is exactly how she reacts on stage.

Other scenes include her dressing table that has a tonne of Halloween objects on, including a haunting mirror which allows us to see Bronnie get ready. Tarot cards, a crystal ball, candles and skulls complete the haunting visuals in this video. There is also a freakish ouija board!

Overall, this video has got it all going on; spooky, thrilling, haunting, what more could we want from Bronnie? The song was recorded at Edge Recording Studio. The video relates well with the song, with some great visual translations.
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