Eurovision 2016 Winner: Ukraine Entry: Jamala - 1944

Well, anyone who has followed my Eurovision Special would have realised that this is from the wrong year. The thing is Måns Zelmerlöw hasn't released an official music video to "Heroes"; unfortunately, there is only a lyric video available. So that left me a little unsure of what to do. Then I remembered Jamala had released this video for her winning entry from Eurovision 2016, and I've been trying to find the time to review it. So today is as good of a day as any, but the today is the best day because it totally completes all my Eurovision blog posts. Watch Jamala perform "1944" amongst an intricate contemporary dance that raises goosebumps and gives chills. Absolutely amazing.

Jamala, full name Susana Jamaladinova, has released a lot of songs and albums. She has really embedded herself as a confident professional singer with amazing vocal ability. It's not much of a surprise that she did well in the contest, and she managed to win it even when the top was very competitive. She won the Ukrainian national final, after initially tying with second place. She represented Ukraine and won with 534 points. Due to a change of the points system, this marks the highest score of the Eurovision Song Contest, ever. There was controversy over the fact that she won because Australia won the jury vote, and Russia won the public vote; Ukraine came second in both and with a combined total, Jamala won overall. The song also gained a lot of controversy due to the potential political content of the song, however the Eurovision Broadcasting Union looked into this and claimed that the song didn't contain any political speech and therefore ruled that the song doesn't break any of the Eurovision rules. Jamala's song tells a story and it really packs a punch, definitely a worthy winner in my books. The song was written by Art Antonyan and Susana Jamaladinova. The song is in English and Crimean Tatar.

Directed by Anatoliy Sachivko, who was also the choreographer for this video; the music video interprets all the emotion Jamala expresses into the song, into an emotional contemporary dance that completely flows and presents the song in the most beautiful way.

Jamala proves that she can dance too, throwing in her ability to perform this song with full emotion. The video was set an abandoned military base: Pamir. Which is on top of Tomnatik mountain.

The weather plays an important part of this music video, I love the rain effect on the camera, as well as the tornadoes that affect the people dancing.

It's all shot under an undue expectation of emotion. There's dark depths to this video and the visual shows it off perfectly. The choreography is amazing and all the dancers manage to stand out and prove their worth.

There's not much else left for me to say. It's quite a battle, one they obviously can't beat and yet they show a strength in unity. It's completely intricate and easily displays the emotions found in the song.
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Eurovision 2014 Winner: Austria Entry: Conchita Wurst - Rise Like A Phoenix

Finally, after this review, I've reviewed all my favourites from Eurovision 2014; next week I will be starting on Eurovision 2015, and then I'm completely caught up, maybe in time for the new year? Maybe; I doubt it. Conchita Wurst was the talk of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and so winning wasn't quite a massive surprise since she had a killer song, brilliant vocals, a stunning dress and performance, and a tonne of support from the LGBT+ community. She represented Austria and took the contest to her country after winning with 290 points. Tom Neuwirth dressed in drag as Conchita Wurst gives a solid sexy performance of "Rise Like A Phoenix" in this music video.

Tom Neuwirth has tried being a successful solo singer, he even managed to become the runner-up in Austrian TV show Starmania. He then became a part of boyband Jetzt Anders! but they disbanded the same year they were put together. Conchita Wurst came about a little bit later, where she entered Die Große Chance, Conchita Wurst came sixth in 2011; then came second on Eurovision Selection show Österreich rockt den Song Contest 2012; as for 2014, she was internally selected, and what a great choice that was. It pretty much launched Conchita Wurst as one of the world's most known drag queens, she just needs to keep her limelight. This song was written by Charlie Mason, Joey Patulka, Ali Zuckowski, and Julian Maas.

The music video is a full performance piece. Conchita Wurst is looking incredibly confident and sexy. This just wouldn't work if it were Tom Neuwirth. People can say what they like about drag queens, but there's something incredible about spending all that time on makeup and clothes and wigs, and in Conchita Wurst's case, her beard; and then working it like no other.

There are a few different scenes, but the main focus is on the bath and the rose petals. It's quite sultry, definitely sexy. Her performance is fire throughout, passion for every single word Conchita Wurst really identifies with this song. Considering no record label would record this, and then it won Eurovision, and charted well globally, just proves the impact of this song and the artist.

Yet the video is lacking. This could've had a beautiful narrative, yet we're given a performance piece that doesn't quite engage. Conchita Wurst looks good throughout, but she brought more to the table during the Eurovision 2014 Grand Final than in this music video. This song will always be a favourite of mine and resonates deeply within.
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Eurovision 2013 Winner: Denmark Entry: Emmelie de Forest - Only Teardrops

Before I even start this, I have to say I'm sorry for not reviewing this video earlier, however I have just found out it has been released, although it's been on YouTube for a month now and there isn't that many hits to be honest. I am quite annoyed with the team behind this girl, it feels like they knew she was going to win and therefore decided to do a winning music video, similar to The X Factor UK's winner's single music video. It just is pretty out of place, and they've left fans waiting... Is this another winner who will disappear from the UK and Europe, only to release in her own country, Denmark?

Emmelie de Forest became the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, therefore bringing next year's contest to Denmark. She was the bookies favourite to win, and that is exactly what she did. This single and an album was released before the contest. Afterwards her album managed to hit the UK charts at 148, meaning she made a big impact, but will her second single "Hunter & Prey" get a worldwide release? And if so will she still maintain her fans, or will people just not realise it's been released, and therefore making her another winner who fails to keep in the limelight, guess time will tell.

"Only Teardrops" was written by Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen and Thomas Stengaard. The song is extremely catchy, I have to admit that, but I feel that the performance at Eurovision was a little bit over the top, so much so that it looked like it had already won, on the other hand, that is exactly what happened and so I guess it worked for them. I just feel the whole team behind Emmelie de Forest were cocky and arrogant, and I'm sure that they weren't, but not posting a music video until afterwards puts this in the arrogant category. So it would've been interesting what this video would've been like if it hadn't have won.

Denmark came 1st easily. Emmelie de Forest gained 281 points. France gave 12 points, Lithuania gave 2 points, Moldova gave 6 points, Finland gave 7 points, Spain gave 8 points, Belgium gave 10 points, Estonia gave 8 points, Belarus gave 1 point, Malta gave 6 points, Russia gave 4 points, Germany gave 10 points, Armenia gave 4 points, the Netherlands gave 10 points, Romania gave 6 points, the UK gave 12 points, Sweden gave 10 points, Hungary also gave 10 points, Iceland gave 12 points, Azerbaijan gave 5 points, Greece gave 7 points, the Ukraine gave 5 points, Italy gave 12 points, Norway gave 7 points, Georgia also gave 7 points, Ireland gave 12 points, Austria gave 5 points, Slovenia gave 12 points, Croatia gave 10 points, Montenegro also gave 10 points, Cyprus gave 7 points, Serbia gave 12 points, Latvia gave 6 points, Macedonia gave 12 points, Bulgaria gave 2 points, Israel gave 8 points, Albania gave 1 point and Switzerland gave 3 points. San Marino were the only country not to give any points to Denmark.

This music video is similar to The X Factor UK's winner's single music video, with highlights of her win from Eurovision. This fails to interest me. I have watched this video once, and I shall not be watching it a second time. There's just nothing concrete that makes this amazing.

The song leeks so much potential for a video, I could imagine a perfect video in my head right now, as the song contains a lot of imagery. And when it started I had to admit that I thought a theatrical music video displaying most of the imagery in the song would be shown to us, yet we are left with Emmelie de Forest performing her song in a forest and lying down in the grass.

This is imagery to an extent but not at all what I expected. And then we had clips in black and white (I really don't like black & white all that much, so bad move on their part) showing her time at Eurovision, as well as winning. But it all makes it look like a fan video, something someone had pieced together to celebrate her winning. Failing to connect with the song and make something amazing.

The song has a lot of potential, and managed to get to number 15 on the UK chart. The accompanying music video could have been perfection at it's greatest, however it's a memoir music video, failing to capture me and keep me entertained. I hope her new single "Hunter & Prey" has a much better video, or she will go from a worldwide star to a Denmark star.

Eurovision 2012 Winner: Sweden Entry: Loreen - Euphoria

Loreen, real name Lorine Talhaoui, won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. And she is definitely a worthy winner. She has scored quite a few number ones with this song across Europe, and I have to admit it is such a great song. But I also hope that she doesn't disappear like many winners before her. They tend to release one song worldwide and they chart pretty high, and then they only release in their country and it's kind of a disappointment as we all voted you to win. Could Loreen change all that and stay current in the whole of Europe? She is promoting by doing interviews here there and everywhere, so it's a possibility. She came 4th in the first series of Idol (Sweden), the Swedish version of Pop Idol. And won Sweden's national selection for Eurovision called Melodifestivalen which is one of the biggest competitions in Sweden. And has since got a lot of success from her singles that she released in Sweden.

"Euphoria" was written by Thomas G:Son (I wonder where we've heard that name before, he helped write "Quédate Conmigo") and Peter Boström. Sweden deserved this song, I was surprised they didn't win last year with Eric Saade. But Loreen is going to be a superstar, and this song is amazing, but surprisingly Peter Boström also wrote Tooji's song, which came last in the Eurovision 2012. So it's definitely all upon the song and how it is sung.

This music video is a performance piece, on what she did for Sweden's selection into the Eurovision. It is a great song, but is it the best music video? It's difficult for me to like a performance piece, but has this one got the qualities?

I think not. I'm sorry, but she's there all by herself singing, I like the fact that she is moving about the stage and using choreography she has been given, or she made up herself, but it isn't that good. I love it when the guy comes along and they have a dance fight, which is pretty interesting to watch.

I love the snow machines, I want them myself. And that is all I have to comment on the music video. It doesn't blow me away, but it doesn't make me hate it either. The only thing I can say is that it doesn't link in well with the song, and I was expecting something a bit better. Anyhow here's my rating.