Karen Harding - Open My Eyes

Karen Harding has also been announced for Birmingham Pride 2016, I have to admit I was expecting her to be a big name by now, because of how successful "Say Something" was, and yet this follow up single fails to meet expectations, it's too similar to "Say Something" and regardless of the promotion on musical.ly app, it failed to chart, unsurprisingly. Today is the first time I've heard the song and watched the music video. Karen Harding definitely has presence and can perform, which she pulls off perfectly in this music video, as there is nothing else going on. Bland, unimaginative, and unengaging, Karen Harding does the best she can with what she's been given.

AND HERE'S OUR NEXT EXCITING REVEAL...After storming the main stage last year the fantastic Karen Harding returns to...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
Karen Harding has appeared on The X Factor and the UK national selection for Eurovision. She proved both of them wrong by getting a hit single with "Say Something", she just needs to follow through and prove the judges wrong by getting more hit singles and a hit album. Her vocals are to the right standard, she just needs the right songs and this one isn't one of them. This song was written by Sophie "Frances" Cooke, Josh Wilkinson and James Reynolds.

Directed by James Partridge, this video is very visual, almost art-worthy, and yet bland and unexciting, without meaning.

There's not much to comment on. There's one scene that is relatable to an extent as Karen Harding is singing and dancing in front of a pink board with a pair of eyes. However the other scenes don't make sense, the flamingoes especially.

Karen Harding exposes her natural beauty, she works the clothes she is wearing, and her hair looks amazing both curly and straight. She clearly has on-stage presence which will be perfect for when she performs at Birmingham Pride 2016, I'm just sad that I missed her last year.

Overall, the video follows "Say Something", as in that she can perform well, but she hasn't had a great music video, that I've seen, so far. I feel that she needs a good music video under her belt, one that the music channels will play again and again, one that will make people watch on repeat on YouTube, because a music video is good promotion for a song, and she has the vocal talent of a superstar, she just needs the hit songs.
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Karen Harding - Say Something

Whoever said persistence was a waste of time? Karen Harding proves that taking a risk and appearing on multiple talent shows doesn't only show you can take rejection, but it can also get you a record deal. Karen Harding delights us in her debut single's music video, her stage presence is obvious, although she fails to capture us entirely, great singer, visually beautiful, Karen Harding is one to watch for 2016!

Karen Harding first appeared on TV as an entrant for 'Your Country Needs You', the UK's selection for Eurovision 2010. She failed to make it past round one and was eliminated. The winner was Josh Dubovie, who was the third UK entrant to come last in the competition. Pretty sure Karen Harding would've done better. She next appeared on the tenth series of The X Factor, but was eliminated during the six chair challenge. And now she's made a name for herself, and hit the top ten of the UK chart with this banger. It just shows persistence does work. The song was written by Karen Harding and Uzo Emenike (MNEK).

Directed by Carly Cussen, the video is set in a club, and Karen Harding is just arriving, looking secy and ready to show who she is as an artist.

This debut song is perfect for clubs, and so I expected some sort of dance sequence, and although Karen Harding is seen dancing, it looks more like it was choreography she made up so that it doesn't look like she's just singing the song.

There is a group of dancers, which Karen Harding is with at certain times, however she isn't dancing with them, especially when the beat picks up and the dance group shows us what they've got, I just wish Karen Harding was dancing with them.

Overall a great performance-based music video for the song, however it gives us no narrative whatsoever, and the video doesn't give us much insight into Karen Harding, can she even dance? We need something more from her to really capture our attention, because this song is definitely something.
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