Kristian Kostov - Ты мой огонь

Ты Мой Огонь - Kristian Kostov |

This music video is completely awesome, and that is why I'm covering it on my blog today, even though I'm going to have to deal with this awkward title that I can't possibly type out on my English keyboard - why do I always make it difficult for myself. This track is addicting, but it's the music video that really allows this Eurovision 2017 singer to shine. It excites me, as it proves he has a bright future in every way. Watch Kristian Kostov perform, dance, and act alongside an actress as they transform his new song into a stunning visual in this music video for "Ты мой огонь".

Kristian Kostov is best known for coming second in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with his song "Beautiful Mess"; he represented Bulgaria and scored 615 points. That certainly launched him internationally, but before then he appeared on Golos. Deti (The Voice Kids Russia) where he got to the finals coming joint fourth. Not long after that, he competed in The X Factor Bulgaria, once again he got to the finals and came second overall. He's been a big hit in Bulgaria and has had a couple of hit singles. His Eurovision song sure launched him as an artist, but he has since released songs in his home language of Russian, just like this one. "Ты мой огонь" means "You Are My Fire" in English and regardless of the fact that I don't understand a word he is singing, the song is beyond catchy and shows exactly why he deserves to be an international star. The song was written by Vadim Igorevich Bulaev, and Daniel Kostov.

Directed by Vasil Stefanov, this music video has a lot of Nick Jonas and Tove Lo "Close" vibes going on, but in a more warped sense. There is a clear connection between the pair, but they don't quite get together, almost like they're playing the game, just like the lyrics suggest.

It's really clever the way they've managed to interpret the lyrics and made this addicting visual - I only know this as I used a rough Google Translation of the lyrics to understand what Kristian Kostov was singing.

The dancing is on point throughout, and it is amazing to see Kristian Kostov fully nail the routine. The choreographer was Milen Dankov and he also came up with the concept that really makes this whole thing work. We all wish we could dance like that; Milen Dankov please come to the UK and teach me!

The performance piece includes Kristian Kostov's face being projected on his real face, with some awesome smoke effects too. This really shows off his stage presence, which we also saw at Eurovision 2017. He brings the fire, just like he does during the dance sequence.

Overall, the music video has a big concept that totally relates to the lyrics in every way. This is one of those visuals that continue to impress every time you watch it. It's one I will never get tired of, and one that works perfectly with the song! Even if you haven't got a clue what the lyrics of the song are about, the characters sure gives a great representation, instead.
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Bulgaria Entry: Kristian Kostov - Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess - Kristian Kostov |

Back to my Eurovision 2017 special, and we're nearing the end with this song that represented Bulgaria. Many believe Kristian Kostov should've won, but my personal favourite was Moldova's SunStroke Project's "Hey, Mamma!"; although, I wouldn't have minded if this had won. Whereas I'm not so keen on the actual winning song from this year, which was Salvador Sobral with "Amar pelos dois". Although I give kudos to Portugal for finally winning after entering 49 times. As for Bulgaria, this was their best position since they debuted in 2005. They have really come a long way, since they returned to the contest in 2016, and managed to get their top position then, before beating it this year. The question is, can they do one better next year, and take the crown? They scored 615 points coming second, 337 points came from the televote and 278 came from the jury vote. The stage production was great to watch and it was certainly technically brilliant. The music video is equally dark and intriguing, with weird yet surprising visuals. Watch Kristian Kostov perform his Eurovision 2017 song "Beautiful Mess" in this music video, as we watch animals, birds, people and other profile visuals happen.

Kristian Kostov made his name known in a few countries, before entering for Eurovision 2017. He previously took part in Golos. Deti (The Voice Kids Russia), where he was a finalist on season one. He next took part in the fourth season of The X Factor Bulgaria, where he came second. He was then internally selected to represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with his song "Beautiful Mess" which became his second official single release. It later charted well in various Eurovision countries. The song was written by Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman, Joacim Bo Persson, Alex Omar, and Alexander V. Blay.

Directed by Liusi Ilarionov, this music video is more of a profile performance visual which sees Kristian Kostov surrounded by people on the floor in various positions.

As time goes on the people surrounding him get up and blurrily merge with one another before disappearing entirely as Kristian Kostov stands in the centre of the spotlight throughout.

As for the other profile images, there is a horse, and later we see a horse rider, there is also an eagle and some doves at the end. There's one wacky weird profile visual that looks like a messed-up clown of some sort. I am not entirely sure what it is and I don't know what to make of it. Let me know in the comments below what you believe it is.

Overall, it's a great profile music video, that showcases Kristian Kostov off well. It's slightly disappointing, in that, it doesn't really tell a story, and I'm not entirely sure what the video is getting at. Regardless, I much preferred the stage visuals of his Eurovision 2017 performance, than that of the music video.
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