Chart Mondays: Matt Terry - When Christmas Comes Around

Here's The X Factor's winner's single, and it's actually a Christmas song this time around. Adding some Christmas spirit might just get the winner's single to the top of the charts once again. Yet, that didn't quite happen, since it was quite the competitive week. Clean Bandit with Sean Paul and Anne-Marie is still at the top with "Rockabye". This song peaked at number three, and since it's a Christmas song, I had to include it in my Christmas Special 2016. Watch Matt Terry perform "When Christmas Comes Around" at the live final, with snapshots of the charity work that is done in support of the sales.

Matt Terry won The X Factor's thirteenth series, in a very close final with Saara Aalto. He later signed with RCA records instead of Syco, in quite a surprising move. Instead, Syco signed Honey G, and possibly has some other up-and-coming plans to sign up other acts. They plan to make Matt Terry the next Olly Murs, but the only comparison we can see is the fact that they're both male and that they are now on the same record label. Will this just be another winner who will disappear? Time will tell. This song was written by Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge.

The music video is a pure performance piece, which we watched during the live final of The X Factor. The only difference is that they have put a black and white filter on; which, I suppose, is to give it more of a festive Christmas visual. Yet, it makes no difference and actually makes me want to watch a different video that's actually in colour. I just don't like black and white music videos, unless there is a specific reason for the filter.

The single's proceeds will go to charities: Together For Short Lives and Shooting Star CHASE. Throughout the music video, Matt Terry's performance piece is cut between snapshots of what these charities do, and how they help people.

It's a typical charity music video, it's a typical X Factor winner's music video, although using the winner's live performance of the song instead of a studio visual is something different, that we haven't seen for a while. It just feels like we've seen this sort of music video way too many times and it's the same old same old. We want something new.
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