UK Entry: Molly - Children Of The Universe

Time for my home country for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and an act I have supported for some time now, and I shall continue to support Molly because she a vocal powerhouse of a talent that deserves to be out there living her dream. This didn't do as well as we all thought it would, but we've done worse and 17th with 40 points is actually not too bad! The song is catchy, but it turns slightly bland the more you hear it. "Children of the Universe" has a great visual concept, but Molly doesn't look like she's all that into it, and it doesn't relate, but it's an okay performance visual.

Molly, full name Molly Smitten-Downes, hasn't done much since releasing this song; as far as I can tell, she's trying to make a name for herself, by featuring on new songs as she gains more fans and some great reputation. She released a free download (that I totally missed out on, unfortunately). She was chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, after she was discovered by BBC Introducing, via internal selection. She has had hits previously under the name Stunt, where she collaborated with Sash for "Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)" as well as releasing "I'll Be There" and "Fade Like The Sun". The song was written by Molly Smitten-Downes and Anders Hansson.

The music video hasn't got a lot going for it, just Molly performing in the visual as they play around with the camera and actually bring out a good concept regardless of the how unrelated it is to the song.

The song is extremely powerful and meaningful, a narrative may not have worked but it would've been so much better than the conceptual visual performance based video we have got instead.

Molly's heart is clearly not into this as she sings the song whilst drums are being played and she starts to blend in with the couch. In her previous videos she stuns in her performance pieces, just watch her videos as Stunt and you can tell she's not into this whatsoever.

Beautiful regardless, she gives all she can and although the song may mean a lot to her, this video doesn't and it's such a shame to see her like this. She's composed and interested, but she doesn't look like a singer, she doesn't look like the star we all know she is destined to be. So Molly, make the comeback we all know you can do, and we'll be supporting you all the way!
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