Georgia Entry: Nina Sublatti - Warrior

This year of Eurovision brought the battle of the warriors, as Amber also released a song called "Warrior"; however, Nina Sublatti totally won by making it to the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, whereas Amber didn't make it. Nina Sublatti, for Georgia, came 11th with 51 points. Showing strong female warriors, this video shows girl power and strength in a great visual for Nina Sublatti's "Warrior".

Nina Sublatti, real name Nina Sulaberidze, won the national selection for Georgia in 2015 and therefore came to represent the country at Eurovision. She had previously released a few singles, as well as an album. After Eurovision, she released a few more singles that didn't chart so well. Then she went on to become a judge on the Georgian version of The X Factor. This song was written by Nina Sublatti and Thomas G:son.

The music video was directed by David Gogokhia. It features five models, portraying Tamar of Georgia, who is a Georgian National Hero who ruled Georgia as the first Queen Regnant. The models are Nina Potskhishvili, Mariam Sanogo, Keta Gavasheli, Lina Tsiklauri, and Dea Aptsiauri.

There isn't a lot to this very visual video that is completely filmed in black and white. There's not an awful lot of movement in the video, although there are two very cute huskies.

The performance piece is extremely static. Nina Sublatti was clearly told not to move much, and this does lead to quite a bland visual. However, I guess it's some sort of visual of strength.

Overall it's not that memorable, and definitely hasn't got a lot going on. I don't get why they chose it to be shown in black and white, and I also don't see why Nina Sublatti couldn't give a better visual in her performance piece. I feel there should've been more to this music video.
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