Romania Entry: Paula Seling & OVI - Miracle

This is the second time these two have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest before, back in 2010. However, they did much better back then, than they did in 2014. Yet, as a collaborative effort, they work well together, and we can only hope that they continue to come together on some songs in the future. This act managed to score Romania 72 points, placing them 12th. In the video, Paula Seling and OVI play the piano in a flooded room, two dancers show their skills amongst the water, while Paula Seling hits that all important long note.

Paula Seling and OVI competed in the 2010 contest and came third with song "Playing With Fire", unfortunately this song didn't have quite the same reaction, but the 2014 contest was extremely competitive. Paula Seling is one of the biggest female Romanian singers, completely known in her own country, she has released a number of albums and singles. She has yet to crack the international market, although she is known among Eurovision fans, maybe she'll return again one year. OVI, real name Ovidiu Cernăuţeanu, is a Romanian-Norwegian singer-songwriter, producer and musician. He has had a successful career to date. His songs have been on-form and has managed to hit charts around the world. If he continues, he will definitely make a name for himself, if he hasn't done so already within his own country. To become the Romanian entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, they took part in Selecția Națională and won. This song was written by Ovi Jacobsen, Philip Halloun, Frida Amundsen and Beyond51. The song contains an extraordinary long note, which Paula Seling nails every time, not many singers could hold a note for that long.

Directed by Alex Ceauşu, the video doesn't have much to it. A complete performance piece with Paula Seling and OVI, both together and separately. As well as a dance sequence, performed in the same room which features dancers Judith State and Mircea Andrei Ghinea.

There is not much going on in the video, Paula Seling and OVI give out great performance vibes as they sing the song, but the dancers distract from their performance at times. However, when they're playing the piano, I lose interest and I focus on the dancers more.

The dance choreography is intricately amazing, although some sequences look slightly messy as if they didn't fully finish the sequence, or we're missing some choreography. It could be all in the way it was edited, because it's undeniable how great Judith State and Mircea Andrei Ghinea are.

As for the setting, I don't really get why it changes from a flooded room into a spring seasonal room. It's as if they were hoping it to be the big miracle reveal and it just fails to amaze us or interest us. It distracts the viewers more than anything.

Overall, there doesn't seem to be any link in with the song, and the choreography may be brilliant but doesn't reflect the meaning behind the song. Paula Seling and OVI performed this much better live on the stage than they did in the music video. Although as a whole, it's not too bad. This song was my favourite that year; I voted many times for them to win,
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