Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

My Halloween Special isn't all about the new Halloween songs, old ones have to totally be included as well. Although I am more of a fan of the more recent version of this song by Beatfreakz, which is also called "Somebody's Watching Me", there is just something more haunting about the original. The song features Michael Jackson singing the chorus, with Jermaine Jackson provides backing vocals. Rockwell arrives home thinking that "Somebody's Watching Me" inside his house. He envisions items and people, turning it into a very paranoid music video.

Rockwell, real name Kennedy Gordy, is the son of Motown founder Berry Gordy. He had a short-lived career in the 80's, releasing three albums and ten singles. This debut single is his biggest hit, possibly because of the featured vocals of Michael Jackson as well as the backing vocals from Jermaine Jackson. The song hit the UK charts at number six, but Beatfreakz did better by hitting number three in the UK. In the US, Rockwell hit number two with this song. But got to the top spot in Spain and Belgium. The song was written by Rockwell.

The music video is low-budget and directed by Francis Delia. It's a complete narrative with a short performance piece embedded within.

Rockwell arrives home to discover his house has become haunted. He envisions various things, from his dog being a mutant pig, to someone watching him in the shower. It's relatable from start to finish.

The star is really not having the best time in his house. Even the people on the TV come up to the screen and watch him. There's also this freakish butler who appears in the background of the thumbnail. He also envisions himself buried in the graveyard, as well as various other spooky things.

This is inspired by the film 'Psycho', but the visions is reminiscent of 'The Dead Zone'. The haunted house theme is a classic Halloween storyline that always manages to scare. Michael Jackson, unfortunately, doesn't appear in the music video, regardless of the fact that he provides the vocals for the chorus, neither does Jermaine Jackson.

The ending of the video leaves it on quite the cliff-hanger, maybe his visions were all leading up to this point. It's a great low-budget music video that has everything we could possibly need. The singing in the shower performance piece isn't so engaging and feels a little too fake and Rockwell is totally not comfortable being filmed in the shower.
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