Switzerland Entry: Sebalter - Hunter Of Stars

This was the whistling song in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 and it's definitely upbeat, which definitely helped overall. Sebalter entered for Switzerland and managed to get them 64 points placing the country 13th, which is pretty good going. This cute number will definitely cheer you up, unless you're like me and can't whistle at all, and so can't whistle along with everyone else. Sebalter is the "Hunter of Stars" as he whistled his way through a hotel as a concierge and a hotel chef, as well as the Eurovision Song Contest, finally winning everyone over including his boss.

Sebalter, real name Sebastiano Paù-Lessi, was originally a part of a group called The Vad Vuc, who went on to release three albums before he left to pursue a solo career. He entered Die Große Entscheidungsshow, which is Switzerland's national selection process, in which he won in 2014. The song did well at Eurovision and even did well in charts around Europe after the contest. Sebalter went on to release an album and a follow-up single but has since not released anything new. The song was written by Sebastiano Paù-Lessi.

The video was directed by Nick Rusconi and was filmed at Hotel Royal Splendide in Lugano, Switzerland. Quite tongue-in-cheek and definitely upbeat to go with the song, Sebalter plays a comical character and really shows his acting abilities, and slight dance moves.

Working inside of a hotel, Sebalter releases singing energy in front of unexpected guests, and his very unhappy boss. Even worse, is when he is in the kitchen making spaghetti and it flies through the air and lands on his boss, which was obviously going to happen. But finally, after joyfully playing his song up and down the corridor on the luggage cart, he settles down, playing his song and wins his boss over.

A great happy performance piece with a very obvious yet comical narrative piece. Overall this video is great fun and hilarious. Yet the song has a hidden meaning behind the deceptive lyrics and it is quite emotional. Yet they've focused on the happy sound of the song and the cheerfulness of the song is why it did so well at Eurovision.
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