Katy Perry Featuring Skip Marley - Chained To The Rhythm

Chained To the Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley) - Katy Perry |

We're all chained to the rhythm. Katy Perry is back with this brilliant, dark and raw song that utilises what we all are, in a powerful catchy way. Katy Perry is hitting out these great songs, but they're not instantly catchy like her previous songs were, which probably explains why they're not performing as well. This one has started doing better than "Rise" for many different reasons, but her performance at The Brit Awards and The GRAMMY Awards definitely ignited more downloads and streams. Watch Katy Perry have fun at a futuristic theme park with Skip Marley in the "Chained To The Rhythm" music video.

Katy Perry, real name Katheryn Hudson, has really established herself as one of the main female artists in the world, Forgetting all the shade towards plenty of other well-known singers, she is definitely one who is bringing unstoppable hits and brilliant music videos. Many of her songs are hits and it's surprising she hasn't released a greatest hits album yet, although I'm sure there's one on the cards in the near future. This song is about how we're all attached to social media, how we all comment the same thing about something, and how we're all chained to the rhythm. It's a powerful message, hidden in a very catchy song. It was written by Katy Perry, Max Martin, Sia Furler, Ali Payami, and Skip Marley.

Directed by Matthew Cullen, the music video is set in a futuristic theme park called Oblivia. There are various theme rides at this theme park, including a rollercoaster that has a gap in the tracks, I so want to go on it. There are springing houses, which intrigues me. There's a rocket roller coaster where the cars shoot off into the sky and then fall down. Don't ask me what the weird seat ride is, but it looks like fun. Then there's the hamster wheel.

I totally don't get the hamster wheel, like I want to give it a go, see if I can beat it, but I don't think it would be fun. I think Katy Perry is trying to make us see that we're all hamsters, running around in a wheel, sometimes we fall, sometimes we can't keep up, sometimes we conquer it, but regardless, we're still running around not going anywhere. It's a very in-depth theory that still doesn't make sense to me, but that's what I make of it.

Skip Marley, who is the son of Cedella Marley, and the maternal grandson of Bob Marley, brings some reggae to Katy Perry's track. He comes out of the TV during the outdoor cinema scene, where everyone is dancing the same dance to his part of the song. He brings some fresh performance vibes that really showcases him as an artist, whether he'll have a subsequent hit, is a different story; but this song has actually given him a much-needed spotlight, so we'll be watching to see what he releases next.

Overall, this is a theme park I want to go to! Although, some rides seem way too dangerous, but I think we should presume they passed all the safety checks so they're all good. It looks like a lot of fun, although the petrol station scene doesn't make much sense to me; to be fair, a lot of this music video doesn't make sense, and yet works in a weird and strange way.
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