Slovenia Entry: Tinkara Kovač - Round and Round

This is Slovenia's Entry into the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Tinkara Kovač finally won the national selection process to become the representative for Slovenia. She made it through the Semi Finals and came 25th out of 26 countries in the Grand Final in 2014 with 9 points. This chilling music video shows Tinkara Kovač's powerful vocals, beautiful flute melodies and her lyrics translated into a gritty contemporary dance by two emotive dancers.

Tinkara Kovač has tried to represent her country in Eurovision three times before finally succeeding with her fourth attempt in 2014. To compete for Slovenia, contestants have to go through a national selection called Evrovizijska Melodija, usually shortened to EMA, which means Eurovision Melody in English. Tinkara Kovač has competed in the EMA contest in 1997, 1999 and 2001, before winning in 2014. Having released a number of singles and albums, as well as winning a few awards and performing with various stars, Tinkara Kovač is definitely a prolific singer and that definitely explains her amazing vocals. This song was written by Tinkara Kovač, Hannah Mancini and Tina Piš.

This music video was shot on Koper Harbour, on the Adriatic coast in Slovenia. It's chillingly beautiful, and serene.

A pure performance piece in both scenes, Tinkara Kovač looks stunning in both the outfits she wears, as she sings emphatically and emotionally to the song. She has amazing performance vibes that secludes the viewer into watching her and nothing else. Although very little energy, with some disappointing moves, she could engage the audience a tiny bit more.

The dancers totally overpower her. They are amazingly talented, grabbing the entire attention of the music video. The choreography is performed to perfection, and every minute detail is on point. These dancers make this music video.

However I am not so keen on them dancing in the murky water, not only does it look unappealing, but it doesn't relate to the song, they should've continued to dance where they originally were.

Overall, a great music video, that definitely helps to get the message across about the song. Although there are some slightly bad decisions made for the video, visually it works well.
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