Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll

To be totally honest, I wasn't aware of this song until the Glee Cast covered it in a mash-up with Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Now it's become a global sensation and definitely a song to feature on all Halloween playlists. It totally deserves to be a part of my Halloween Special. This haunting song didn't do so well on the charts, but it is still an iconic haunting track. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform "Heads Will Roll" in front of a small audience, as a dancing werewolf finds its way on to the stage who later rips into everyone, rolling heads everywhere.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a three-piece American indie band consisting of Karen Orzolek, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase. They have had moderate success in the UK, both single wise and album wise. They are currently on a hiatus. This is probably their most known song, regardless of it only reaching number 89 on the UK Chart, it managed to place on other charts around the world too. Although, their highest charting single was in 2003 with "Date With The Night". This song was written by Brian Chase, Karen Orzolek and Nick Zinner.

Directed by Richard Ayoade, the music video uses comedic horror which allows for a humorous scary music video.

I love that they have used red glitter and confetti as blood, and the conclusion of Karen O continually singing whilst being decapitated is epically original.

The story is easy enough to follow, and what seems to be a performance piece easily turns into a narrative which is such a simplistic engaging move.

We watch the band perform, they're energetic and enthralling, but then a dancer appears. He struts towards the stage when we realise he's actually a werewolf. It isn't long until he becomes blood hungry and chases the audience, ripping them apart as red confetti pours out of the bodies. The ending sees the band murdered in red glitter, but Karen O continues singing.

How can anyone not love this music video? It's pure genius, even if it is a little too simplistic for my liking. More development of the story is needed, as well as making it a little more relatable to the music video. Apart from those slight things, it works magically.
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