Evanescence - What You Want

04 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Evanescence is one of my favourite rock bands of all time, amongst that list is also Paramore, Hey Monday, Checking Pulse, Evarose and many more that I can't think off the top of my head. They are the band that first introduced me to rock music, so I've got a lot to thank them for. Evanescence cracked the UK with their first single "Bring Me To Life" and managed to get a number 1 in 2003 with it. Their album subsequently followed, also gaining number 1 status. However they have dropped and dropped, with that number 1 top spot getting further and further away. They have been on hiatus since 2007 and they are finally back, and we've all missed them. This is their first single in 4 years and although it hasn't set the singles chart alight, it sure has made the top spot on the UK rock chart, making Evanescence the artist with the most number one UK rock singles for 2011. This song sadly got to number 72 on the singles chart, which is currently their lowest chart position to date, however they have to do better for their album and new single, because that is how it goes here in the UK. So I'm expecting good things and I can't wait for the album.

Evanescence have recently changed members since their hiatus. The band now currently consists of Amy Lee, Terry Balsamo, Tim McCord, Troy McLawhorn and Will Hunt. And they have a new album out (that gets released here in the UK next week), and I'm really hoping it performs a lot better than what this single did. However if the tracks are similar to this song, then I can't wait to listen to it. It'll definitely be a CD you want in your collection. I just hope that everyone else decides to buy it as they definitely deserve a high chart position.

This song proves that waiting for them to make their return was well worth the wait, they are back and with full force. Amy Lee's voice is so strong and powerful that every single word is very meaningful and I bet they are amazing live. It was written by Amy, Tim and Terry, and so it makes it personal to the band (note: most rock bands do tend to write their own songs, which is why rock songs are usually so big and meaningful, because of the emotion behind the words). Amy Lee announced that this song goes out to the band's fans. It's heavy and in your face kind of song, and it's totally new for the band, and shows the potential the band has. The meaning of the song is is about her relationship with her fans, and the realization that "this is what I'm supposed to do". I especially like the use of "Hello? Hello? Remember me" it suggests their comeback and shows that the band hasn't broken up, and that they will be here for a long time (hopefully). The song is about freedom and "do what you what you want" (That's my favourite bit of the song, the way it's sung makes this song one of the ultimate catchy songs ever written).

The music video is amazing, it shows what the band is like live which is always a good thing, but it also has a narrative storyline which is the best mixture of the two. The band is performing in "Vino's Bar in Arkansas" which is where they used to perform before the band became big, it suggests the old them and it shows that it is still a big part of their lives. This band is a band I haven't seen live yet, but I really want to, they're impressive and it looks like it would be a fun gig. They have shown a lot of live footage during their past music videos, and many rock bands do this in their music videos, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't, but Evanescence look like the perfect band to see live, they are having fun on stage and that is blasted across to the many people who are in the crowd, so I am eager to see them live.

The narrative side of the music video is very interesting, a lot of critics have said that it is similar to "Bring Me To Life" but I don't think it is, I think it has similar scenes because both songs are very powerful, however I don't think they're the same at all. The music video is set in New York, and shows Amy walking and running through various places in Brooklyn, such as a train station, the streets and the Brooklyn Bridge. She starts running along the Brooklyn Bridge during the bridge of the song, and then she jumps and lands perfectly on her feet on the other side. The last few scenes are of the band, they are all walking towards the water united in a triangle. They are heading into the water, suggesting that they are ready to send waves to the world with their new music.

I love this music video it has everything an Evanescence fan needs, it is so good that I've already played it five times, surely a few more times won't matter. I like how Amy is now happy where she is, she's mentioned that singing is what she was born to do and that it she is now doing "what you what you want". And I think it is really nice of the band to give us this first record and to commemorate their fans who's stuck by them through their hiatus.

Overall, without being biased whatsoever, this music video is amazing and it's so nice to see Evanescence back and being as strong as than ever. I can't wait to hear more music by them, and I just know that any fans they may have lost during their hiatus, will all come crawling back, as this band's comeback will be one of this year's biggest events. I hope you all agree with my rating, and now this song is seriously stuck in my head.