Diana Vickers - My Wicked Heart

03 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Diana Vickers came fourth on the fifth series of The X Factor here in the UK. There has been a number of contestants that made the finals who have gone on to release singles and albums, so far there has been: Alexandra Burke (winner), JLS (second), Eoghan Quigg (third), Diana Vickers (fourth), Ruth Lorenzo (fifth), Rachel Hylton (sixth) Daniel Evans (seventh), Laura White (eighth) and Bad Lashes (twelfth). This is Diana Vickers third single, and she has yet to release an accompanying album, which is currently in the works, since she recently split with her record company. She is a big hit in Europe, and I can definitely see her go global in the next few years, so watch out for her, as she'll be storming the charts everywhere pretty soon.

This song got a lot of controversy, the main reason for it is that her quirky voice is difficult to understand when such an up-tempo big hit like this song is released. You can't understand what she's singing, and I bet a lot of people who like the song have gone on and looked up the song lyrics because otherwise you wouldn't be sure if you're singing them right. Another Controversy came along thanks to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers who said that Diana Vickers copied their song "Under The Bridge", and maybe she did and the lyrics are just different, but that song is definitely amazing and at the end of the day if you look closely a lot of songs sound the same, so what's the point in comparing them? This song was written by Diana Vickers, Dee Adam and James Earp. I really like it when an artist has written a song as it means something to them so you can feel the emotion come off them a lot more. The song is about the flutter of her heart when she's fallen for someone. This links in with the other songs she has released and it definitely puts her down as this person who likes to be in love. Also there was a lot of rumours while this series of X Factor was on that she and Eoghan Quigg were together but now she's going out with One Night Only's front man George Craig, could this song be about him? Or someone else?

The music video is definitely low budget, but it is done very well, maybe they spent the money on extras? It is definitely big and that's why I like it, however, I see no connection with the song, but who really cares about that when you have this really good song and a pretty good music video? It's just a shame that it doesn't contain anything to do with the lyrics, and what the hell has a circus show got to do with her heart beating out of time for a guy?

I like the light works and the shadows that are cast, it makes it mysterious but also fun at the same time and it gives it this interesting spark. The circus troupe is good and makes it look like it's not a low budget music video. There's very little going on, and some bits look like they were repeated now and again.

Overall I love the song, her quirky voice is definitely something I really like, however I don't see any connection between the song and it's music video, and so my rating has to be fair, and as much as I like Diana Vickers, you kind of expect a much better music video. I sure hope her next ones are much better than this one.